To remain at the beginning until the end, oh that sounds so appealing. I love starting new things, finding little snippets which speak to my curious mind. Give me more, give me more! What else have you got? Now don't get me wrong, small things have their place, as do big and long things. This place is for the short.

Reading. After checking my virtual bookshelf on Goodreads, I was surprised how many connections were disciplined enough to participate in the yearly reading challenge! This encouraged me to get back into a proper reading habit. Phone on airplane mode and lunch breaks in cafes lead to finishing up Carl Sagan’s book on the universe. Also, I finally starting the book my sister got me for Christmas, namely Sweet Caress by William Boyd. Such an inspiring book to follow one’s creative journey. I almost forgot that amazing feeling when you are lost in a story completely, reading for hours and hours.

Coincidence. There was a bit synchronicity going on recently. One morning we realized that the power was off in our whole area, apparently, more than 14.000 homes were affected by the outage. In the evening, the lights turned off again. This time only our apartment was affected, though. Then, the next day I went the new exhibition at the Wellcome Collection on humans and electricity which was planned weeks before. So what do you make this connection? Sitting in the candlelight, reading at home one evening, then the other hearing a doctor speak about the implications of politics on electricity? I realized that it is by far no given to sit in the light.

Love for the little things. Still in love with watching birds. In the morning while drinking my coffee on the balcony or when getting out of the tube, walking to the office. Birds are simply amazing.

Dreams. I started journaling on dreams again. The more often I do so, the more I actually dream and remember. The positive side effect? I feel it reveals a deeper understanding of one’s own psyche. It sheds light on the question, what is really going on with me on a more subconscious level?

Bloglovin. I cleared out my Bloglovin, wohoo. When I signed up a couple of months ago, I thought it was just a tool blogger would have so I joined the crew. Eventually, I ended up with over 3000 blogs. Too much, I realized when I never signed on anymore. Then I got really selective, asking myself which blogs I would truly resonate with. Do these blogs speak to what sits within me, what I write about? No? Then why waste your time reading irrelevant stuff. 

Shopping. I finally managed to jump on the online shopping bandwagon. Had to overcome some internal struggle first, you know I’m just not the biggest shopper in general – apart from books. Yet, at one point I realized that I might be withholding myself some of the material pleasures. Anyway, even though I ordered a couple of items (Densio Print / Moccasins from Vagabond / Some NA-KD Items), I clearly didn’t manage the experience properly. In fact, I wasn’t home when the mailmen arrived, went to the post office when it was closed but hey, eventually I got my items. Quite frankly, there is no better feeling at the moment than walking around in my beautiful moccasins and admiring a beautiful inspiration picture on my wall. 

Astro. With the full moon in Virgo this past weekend, I thought about the question: Where do I end and where do you begin? Simplicity is not a simple thing! Maybe we never truly understand all the aspects of who we are. Or we can take big steps when we eventually get sick enough of losing soul mates.

Words of Wisdom. As Shannon Alder said, “she was a collector of reflections looking for souls that could see deeply inside her soul.” But at the end of the day, you can't pave the way for everyone. you've got to let people enjoy their journeys without hindering growth. Getting to know oneself and allowing others to be themselves, what a balancing act this is. 

Writing. Came across the following writing advice: Sit 2 hours each day in a chair without distraction. No Internet, no Social Media. See what happens. Maybe I will start with 1.5 hours in the morning. Also, write for a very small audience, if it’s only one person that’s the best. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Oh, and I absolutely love this.

Watching. I started watching Stranger Things on Netflix, such an amazing show. Love how it speaks about different worlds within one world. I’ve come across this concept in Carl Sagan’s book as well. What if there are universes within a universe? Maybe an atom is just a universe for another universe. It could well be that there is not just infinity out into space but maybe also inwards. Nevertheless, I watch a bit but writing is more important. I usually end up on YouTube, better consumable in little snippets. Should I get really bored there is Gilmore Girls and Black Mirror as well?