2017 Resolutions

Happy New Year, Potatoheads! Now you walk with your wounds like you have nothing to loose. 
It’s that time of the year again, new start because the calendar says so. The pressure is on to make New Year’s resolutions which are forgotten by the end of the month. While this annual ritual of reflection is well intentioned, it rarely changes behavior because it focuses on what you do (or should do), not the deeper question of why you do it.
I'm using this article to reflect on my current state of affairs.


I am going to make 2017 the best year ever by setting sky high goals and then achieve them.
While meanwhile ride my Saturn return, lots of ups and downs and mood swings I need to master.

Number 1

Being self-aware and focus on mind-set:
Who are you?
Why are people treating me the way they do?
Where am I at right now?
Action, something you have to do every day.
Make it a habit which turns things into a lifestyle.
It is the result of my actions from 2016 is where I am at.
Your perception of things is your reality.
You decide if you want to be happy.
Brainwash yourself to always know the glass is half full.
You can never be outlearned, you have always something to work on. 

Number 2

Be present. 
Life is right now. 
Be grateful for what you have right now.
This very moment is your dream life. 

Number 3

Structure time.
Don't say I don't have time but think in terms of priorities.
Balance between how much I work compared time off.

Number 4

 Make the world a better place.
Think twice of what I do and what is the outcome of myself towards the collective, including the animals and plants.
The smallest things can make the world a better place. 
Worki on inner life as self-reflection into world.

Number 5

Be kind.
Dream big.
Focus on self-love.

Number 6

Sleep in Air B n B.
Go to Lake District.
Visit Moscow.
Visit Stonhence. 

Number 7


Set better timelines to read
Focus on books, magazines, twitter lists, article.
Break free of habits.
Explore Soundcloud.
Don’t override Spotify Playlists but create new ones for new times
Listen to more podcasts from the Design Observer


Number 8


What do I want my blog to be?
Find a way for a blog to bring value for humanity.
A space of self-expression and moral concerns.
Means for self-reflection.
Focus on storytelling


Number 9

Saturn Return in Sagittarius 11th House.
Astrology has been such a passion of mine over the course of the past year.
Embrace the actual Saturn return at 26 degrees in Sagittarius from February to November 2017. 

Clear out further Saturn return Karma from the 11th house in Sagittarius.
Understand my place in humanity.
Capture quotes from others that resonate with me. Then ask why I find them compelling.
Affect the group body in a most positive fashion.
Keep mood out of group body .
Be yourself and don’t care about what others think but rather have good thoughts towards the group.
Take responsibilities towards humanity and how to tackle this through practical steps.

Integrate my belief system by acting upon it.

Make use of the Uranus trine natal Saturn energy. 



Question: What are your resolutions?


Best wishes for 2017. 

May you live a wonderful life. 



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  1. What a lovely way to lay out your goals for the upcoming year! I would love to be healthier and happier this year both mentally and physically! I would love to read more and broaden my mind. I would also love to travel more in 2017!


    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, Becky! Really appreciate it.
      May we be healthier and happier in the way you have described.
      If your travels should lead you to London, please give me a shout. 🙂

  2. Great goals and beautiful photos! I love how you’ve broken them down as well; I think it makes resolutions much easier to follow and achieve when you’ve got some thought and planning behind them!

    1. Thanks Becky! Yes, I’m very suprised how useful blogging and thinking about one’s life can be. Really getting into it, decorating my blog like a living room. Have a fabulous 2017!

  3. Though I have never met you, and may never will, your posts, and the layout of your site is just incredible. I’ve written about The Saturn Return before if you would like me to share the link with you. I can appreciate how trying it is, I know mine was quite the time and dragged on for much longer than I anticipated, but alas, here we are!

    1. Ah Jamie, you totally made my day this morning with your Facebook share. THANK YOU! 🙂
      Yes, where can I read about your experience, which how was activated for you?
      Really curious how it will all play out…. it’s funny how knowing about it astrologically and seeing it play out…
      I’m sure we will see each other one day. 🙂

    2. Wow, I absolutely love the article! You are such a talented writer. Will definitely keep your article for reference throughout the upcoming year…. 😀

  4. These are really good resolutions and I hope you’ll achieve all of them in 2017. Number 2 is actually my biggest resolution for 2017, I’m a person who always lives in the future or in the present and I find it hard to fully live the moment – that’s something I’ll work on this year. I also like your goal of making the world a better place, there are so many small things we can do to contribute to that goal, whether that’s cutting out dairy or not using plastic bags. My resolutions for 2017 are learning to play the guitar, living in the moment and prioritising blogging. BTW – your photos are beautiful, I love the one you took of Regent Street xx


    1. Hi Mira,
      Thanks so much for your kind words. The cutting out dairy part keeps popping up here as well.
      And yes, let’s prioritise blogging! 🙂
      Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Go girl. These are the best New Year resolutions I’ve ever read 🙂 I’m here with ya, and I’ll be looking forward to see what’s next in your life and blog! X

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