2 Years in London

It’s been almost two years now that I moved to London, time is indeed flying but you already know that. Today I was walking the streets and I realised that too often I’m not cherishing this city too much and if I would be leaving now, I would miss London a lot. You may not believe it but even in a city you have your routines and find yourself commuting, working and then coming home and sleeping. Sometimes I drift too far into the argument that people living in the countryside must be so lucky to be able to jump into the car and conveniently drive to the local supermarket.


So what have I learned so far? Well, as a pigeon – you have to be tough. You have to work hard for your living because competition is high. Indeed everybody seems to fight for the limited space of air, find room in the train and so on. You are really challenged to get the best out of yourself. I actually moved three times since I came to finally have found a nice apartment.

As much as I love the anonymity of the city, there are just so many people. The city challenged me to find places where air and beauty is still to be found. I’m not the fan of the masses or seeing the trash and dirt which people leave behind.

Yet always, London know how to surprise me and this is what makes this all worthwhile. There is so much to explore and it never gets old to get of the tube or bus at an unknown destination.

So while I still have the energy I will continue walking the streets.

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  1. Time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana.I hate crowds and I am thankful I don’t have to commute into London or anywhere else for that matter.It does wear you down and I can’t offer any easy solutions if this is what one has to do to earn a living.They call it the rat race and you have to ask yourself whether it is worth it to earn a living.There are always choices but they may not be easy ones,like moving out of London and maybe earning a lot less money in a different job that is more local or working from home,if you can.You have to balance things up and decide what options you have and what is best for you.

    Just to add that on balance I love London and over the past few years I have walked many,many miles in and around London on walks like The capital ring and the London loop and you can often walk for miles without seeing a road or a house and London is actually one of the greenest cities with much beautiful countryside and parks,even close to the centre.

    1. Hi David,
      As always, thanks so much for your thoughts on this! My logical side agrees that there is always a choice yet my practical side is not able to able to take action and move further out. I guess the merits of the lifestyle in the city are still compensating the matter for me.
      But thanks so much for your thoughts on escapism, maybe I will write a post on London gone green later.
      Warm regards,

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