4D like a Lightning Strike

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Today I passed a shop down in Crouch End. In the window, there was the picture of the day on display. It said Don’t be trapped in 3D. It hit me like a lightning strike, energy was rushing through my veins.

All I was doing throughout the day was feeling discontent with the smallest things. I woke up and could feel that my body didn’t agree with going on the train, sitting in front of the screen all the day. I was getting cold and felt grumpy. How do you deal with life and people when all you want to do is sit in peace and quiet?

The evening walk to the tube station, walking through a maze of people all crossing one’s way. I wasn't able to walk straight as the crowd didn’t allow it. There are so many people here and it’s so polluted down in the Underground corridors. You can see the dust with your bare eyes. It is dark brown down there. I was holding my scarf in front of the nose. In the morning my eyes were even showing some allergic reaction and they got watery.

There was no freedom. While reading Carl Sagan last night, I realised that we are really such a small participle in this world, only the interplay of all our characters enables progress. We have to participate but cannot expect things to go as we want them to. That seems not the purpose of life. I look up at the universe and try to understand what was meant by as above so below. It's a big world I see, infinite. Certainly big enough for me to get lost within.  

So the sign of the shop Don’t be trapped in 3D hit me. How can I find a way to rise above my feeling trapped? What does it mean to raise to 4D? What presents itself in in the fourth dimensional realm?

4D can be defined as an idea, the world of the imagination where we can make anything happen. I look down at my body, thinking that this must be the 3D. Yes, I can see how the fourth dimension is what comes from the mind. A mind which is aware of point, length, breadth, height, volume, and time.

Astrology has taught me how the stars and planets have an etheric influence on life on earth.  I’ve learned a lot about my inner-workings and physical body. But how can you raise your consciousness into 4D? How to access the Astral Body to become a higher human being? Can we remember our dreams, have intense experiences of passion, emotion, creativity, and spirituality in a different sphere?

When we sleep, we are unconscious in the 3D, but we are conscious in the fourth dimension. What we access are dreams, imagination, psychic abilities, intuition and magic. Can our mind consciously reach the same frequency, so we can experience more and more of these qualities while in our physical form?

While reading Outspesky the other day, I realised that us humans are currently breathing in a certain quantity of all the Hydrogen particles of the atmosphere. Some people are able to absorb more types of the chemical element than others, which is then built into their beings. We all remember photosynthesis and cell division.

Every breath is a special eternity. What do we really know that is in and around us? Moving through us, and to be intimately connected with everything around us. Whatever you're thinking and whatever you're feeling is directly created. All psychic processes are material. Can we go into 4D and recreate the third dimension and attune our senses to a higher vibration?

See, I’m an avid traveller but as I get older my day job brings limited physical travel time. Can I maybe travel in 4D without moving at all? To a degree, this seems already possible by opening up the Internet. What is the next step, experiencing the reality of the soul?

Here and now, a permanent sense of being. A being of energy, not things. A thing exists in energy. 

As this Wednesday comes to an end, I take on the first step and commit to deal with light and dark. I will try and become more aware of my thoughts and feelings tomorrow. I will create reality, and try to limit fear knowing it can create evil as easily as love can create beauty and joy. My intention is set. Our ideals become our destiny.

What is yours?

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  1. I love this post. What a great read, with lots of good questions to ask one’s self. Getting tuned to the 4D is a feat worth pursuing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love your writing style too 🙂

    1. Aww thank you Lize, for your sweet words! 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend and that the baby shower party (or whatever that was) was lots of fun, you were missing @ BlogCon. Have a good week! xx

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