While browsing Bloglovin this morning, I came across this article regarding a gratitude challenge and my heart got utterly excited. Yes, yes, yes, I was assuring myself. This is exactly what I need! So here we go, my take on the weekly Gratitude Challenge (incl. Google Calendar).

Gratitude Challenge (incl. Google Calendar)

A past boyfriend was sending me all these motivational, appreciation, positivity posts from Facebook which I love and hated at the same time. I was asking myself why he would send me these words, does that mean that I am too negative and unappreciative? 

I hear a lot about appreciation as the key to happiness and I had to admit that most of the times I fall short in doing this. For example, if I make it across the street without causing an accident, that's great but at the end of the day, I don't take this appreciation to sleep. And then there are all the loved one's in my life, am I showing them the appreciation they deserve?

As some people train for a marathon, I wonder if I could train myself to become better with showing gratitude. 

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I love how Jack Kerouac talks about people who burn and it got me thinking that this burning must come from a place deep within. I feel that showing gratitude and appreciation would fill up this burning holy grail within even more. 

That's why I've picked up this gratitude challenge. A challenge which puts a gratitude topic on a given week (e.g. a friend, 5 things you like about you, your core values, music you love, etc.).

I'm curious to see how a few thoughts here and then, maybe a few written thoughts in a notebook, might change my gratitude level.  

Now, if you are like me you are likely to forget about this challenge after two weeks or so. That's why I've created a calendar on Google which you can add to your calendar quite easily. I love having all my meetings and schedule in a common place!

Access the Gratitude Calendar here.
(Formats: Ical or HTML)

What we can do is track our progress via the hashtag #gratitudechallenge and see how far we'll come. 

Truly excited for this one!


PS: Any challenges with installing the calendar, give me a shout.

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