8 Reasons to Fall in Love with the Algarve

Living in Europe, I sometimes forget how awesome it is to live so close to so many different cultures. I feel like I’ve seen quite a bit of the continent and my heart is drawn to more distance places on the other side of the oceans. Let me tell you why the Algarve on Portugal’s southern coast is well worth falling in love with.

Sun & Water

Even though I live in England, a tropical island for my Swedish friends, I can’t deny that sometimes all you need are the hot rays of sunshine in your face while taking in the reflections of turquoise waves of the big Atlantic ocean. The Algarve definitely can offer you that.

The beautiful coastline on Portugal’s South Coast, the Algarve.


While enjoying some traditional food on the first evening, tuna and potatoes, a group of musicians sat down at the neighboring table. One was playing the arcordeon and one a sort of guitar. They were dressed in some traditional clothing and I couldn’t get the hang of it: Where they all just finished with a weekly music practice or is it typical for them to walk around the cute little Portugese streets? Or maybe they were preparing for the annual Folkfestival in August?

Stone’s Throw Away

Why spend hundreds of pounds on buying expensive airplane tickets when you can get cheap tickets to Faro, one of Ryanair’s destinations? I think I paid less than 150£ on a 2-way ticket, but if you book early or manage to get the real deal of times of the day or weekday (upon which the algorithm of the pricing is based), you may be able to get an even better deal. I addition, it is worth traveling if you have only less than a week of free time from your busy office jobs.


OMG. Words can’t really describe the beautiful beaches. Probably my favorites are Praia de Marina, Praia de Benagil, Praia Boca de Rio, Praia de Faro or Praia da Coroa.

Lost in thought?

Roadtripping = Freedom

Frankly, I was prepared to sit in the car all day and then occasionally popping out for a swim at one of the beaches. Turned out, the beaches and towns were all pretty close by. So the driving time in the car was limited. However, driving across the small hills, sunshine guaranteed and having the windows open means the wind not only blow into your face but also blows all the worries away. The radio was constantly playing Selina Gomez songs and it truly felt like being in a different place on earth.

Visiting some Storks

One of the highlights of this trip was definitely to see some storks in Portimao resting in their nest at the high end over a fireplace where they grilled the fish from the sea. Arriving around dinner time, smoke came out of the chimney, but the storks seemed to enjoy it. People were lining up for several restaurants and I found it quite funny how they brought cheese to the table just like that, obviously some sort of selling strategy. Take a look at this blog for some stork pictures. 🙂

Cute Alleys in Lagos

Even though parking in Lagos seemed a bit tricky, I wasn’t really used to parallel park anymore (living in London, so don’t need a car!). Yet, the city really has its own charm, particularly the various small alleys. One evening some musicians were performing on the main square, another evening some break-dancers performed some stunning tricks. Apart form this, the pool of the Tivoli Hotel was truly relaxing.

Sunset from Cape St. Vincent

You should keep the best bit for the end, right? Well, if I should share my top 10 best views in the world – the view from Cape St. Vincent was absolutely magical. The cliffs were so steep, it would truly take your breath away. The wind was blowing with such magnitude that a biker got lucky to see my underwear while I possed for a picture. The best thing however, as people saw the sun setting in milliseconds, in the final moment when it disappeared the crowd was applauding! The world applauding for another magical day coming to an end.

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