Is 9-6 outdated?

Many of us are sitting in front of screens to make a living. At first glance technology’s effect on the type of work seems obvious. We still classify our creation into files and folders as people did back in the 80ies, but luckily to create these we no longer rely on paper. Our work is stored in the apparent invisible room, we create by moving our fingertips up and down of keyboards. Does this mean that 9-6 is outdated as well?By definition work is the activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result, to create value, and that it is a means of earning an income. We trade our time and most of us seem to only understand income as monetary flow which is coming one’s way.

However, the our current capitalistic view and financial system are on the verge with countries about to go bankrupt. Luckily businesses realise that reporting frameworks need to reflect value creation in a more holistic perspective and directors are waking up to understand that the monetary component is only part of the value creation, but intellectual, human, social and relationship factors are also of extreme importance. It is no longer about money, it is about value.


Change is slow and jumping on the innovation bandwagon takes visionaries and risk-takers. Doing as other do puts you in a safe position or helps you to fall out of business. Most businesses usually wait until they cannot ignore a particular need anymore. Marketing is challenged to with an ever decreasing attention span of consumers. What always counted was to communicate a product or service will bring an individual more and better experiences, that his personal happiness function will go up. However, as traditional communication channels are dying out, ask yourself whom  do you listen to in the first place?

If a company would have employees with influencing skills in different Social Media channels and openly say for which companies they work, I believe that would be the best advertising mechanism of our time. Yet, that would mean that an employee does really love his or her company. Is this the case now? Maybe. But I think that companies first need to wake up and realise that they can only maximise the overall value creation if they focus on making their employees happy. If they listen to what they need. Remember, need is not defined in monetary aspects but in an individual maximising his or her happiness function.

The responsibility we carry on a personal level is to ask ourselves what it is that makes us happy. Personally, my needs seem to stem from an internal craving for peace, having the emotions in balance and exploring the world. You may be thankful to live in the current status of our technological world, surfing the Internet and enjoying all its merits. Nevertheless we can only enjoy this time because of the risk-taking of older generations who stood up for their vision.

Do you want to sit in front of your screen all day long or live by more freedom to adjust your productivity to the time in your day when you are most productive and then ride on the golden 20/80 rule? We might not be working machines, not a linear product of our time but maybe we need focus and structure and all that.

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