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I'm an 11th House Saturn person.
11th House Saturn people are challenged around releasing preconceived notions or rigid expectations: of yourself, of other people, and of life itself. Whatever happens, you have to have the strength to just go with it. Remember the backwards nature of the 11th House: When Saturn in the 11th House individuals are avoiding their responsibility in life, they are actually trying their hardest to be responsible.

Those with Saturn in the 11th truly grow up when they learn to throw the rule book out the window and not care that much what other people think. Maturity comes from making your own rules and standing strong in the face of people’s disapproval or judgment.
That judgment, that feeling of being looked at as such a weirdo or unacceptable person, haunting the 11th House Saturn. 
It can be a time where they keep trying to climb that mountain of esteem and popularity and do nothing but slip and fall. Projects crumble, social events become a disaster, goals start feeling more and more ridiculous. It will continue to feel that way, so long as they keep trying to gain their success in the conventional way. Embrace your inner freak, allow yourself to get weird and wild when needed.
This series of tests will bring them face-to-face with their true purpose, if they should, hopefully, accept it.
This purpose is to not define their success and their awesomeness based on what society thinks.
It’s to think outside the box when it comes to their goals and their purpose in life.
The more Saturn in the 11th House people stop seeking recognition and achievement, the more recognized and accomplished they will be. It’s a crazy thing but that’s just how the 11th House works.
It rebels against our expectations, so we have to learn to have none in this part of our chart.
Develop the strength to expect little to nothing, at least in a self-focused way.
Learn how to strive for other people’s success while remaining detached about your own.
An attitude that manifests in two ways.

Manifestation 1

It turns 11th House Saturn folks into veritable genies out in the world.
Your wish is their command.
With this placement, you will end up feeling far more accomplished when you can dedicate yourself to things that will help other people get ahead. Even if you are working on something that’s more so about you, you absolutely must develop this collaborative spirit.
That’s your responsibility: to be a strong, successful collaborator.
In return, not getting attached to what you’re going to get out of the process will end up causing amazing success to manifest in your life without you even expecting it. When you release those expectations, it has a magical effect. Awesome things happen without you having to try that hard.

Manifestation 2

Gain strength and structure from learning when it’s necessary to not give a shit.
If you approve of the path that you’re on, then that’s all that matters. You don’t have to perform for anyone anymore. 
Learn that all you need is your own approval.
This is the road to true adulthood, for you.
Stop becoming so invested in what people say about you, whether it’s people on the job, in your community, or even your family and friends.
It’s a healthy kind of detachment and lack of caring.
As long as you’re being a kind, respectful person who treats others equally, then who cares what they say?

Authority & Free-Spiritedness

You have the inner authority to make up and follow your own rules, as long as they’re not getting you into too much trouble, of course.
Yet, it’s also your duty to cause a bit of trouble or mischief, to shake things up and challenge people’s thinking.
See it as a social calling to be that person who knows how to show kindness and lack of judgment.
Make everyone feel like they’re an important person who deserves respect.
You have to step up to the plate by becoming a true egalitarian.
Get over that scepticism, understanding that a group isn’t exclusive if it’s working for the greater good of everyone. Dedicate yourself to anything that will make a difference in the world. Become a master networker, complete with no bad vibes and no drama. Learn to not be too attached to old friends or best friends. Treat them exactly the same as the people you just met at the bar; no better or worse. 
Let that buddy of yours go, embrace your duty of connecting with all of humanity. 
Saturn can bring quite a lot of friends who are of an older nature than the chart owner.
This usually indicates a wonderful relationship with one (or more) grandparents, which the individual was considering as real friends during his childhood. This pattern continues during his whole life, as he has learnt to communicate on a higher level with older people. They perceive the native as one of theirs, even if he is still lacking in experience. Indeed, he can frequently follow a lot of the elders’ traits, and many times find through them shortcuts to wisdom that another person would need years to reach.
The biggest part of my dream was that  I wanted people to know that they mattered. What they thought, what they felt, how they lived their lives mattered. Yes, I have unlimited perseverance and infinite amounts of passion and an enormous amount of caring but was that enough? A major learning step in my personal development as an independent person and as a heart-based leader. No matter how successful you are, no matter how important or accomplished you are, knowing that you need people is a significant insight.
You notice that successful people ask for guidance and assistance to help them achieve their desired outcome. Be kind. Be loving. Be gracious. Be humble. Never judge. Just support & praise. Our world needs more kind, caring & loving people. If you are going to effectively influence people you must care for them and they must know that you care. Gain momentum with people through patience. Be kind and loyal. Foster trust and respect rather than instilling fear through demands.
 I am dreaming of a place where each one of us is able to be their "integrated self". My realistic side is aware that we are still animals and that they don't teach these things in school but do you really believe what you've been taught in school to be the status quo? We all are writing history and our children will not learn the same things in school which we have.
Sure, we "know" that atoms and molecules exist but is this it? Are you sure? How can you be sure.
Want to know the story of your unique Saturn imprint?
Let me know your date and time of birth and I can forward the relevant links.

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  1. Lovely and insightful article. I am 33 years old and I too have Saturn in the 11th House in the sign of Libra. I would be grateful if you could clarify on two things and if these things are in any way related to my Saturn and how I can deal with it ?. :

    1. At any social or professional gathering, I always feel like an odd man out and tend to be a bit aloof and not approach anyone or acknowledge the opposite person or speak unless spoken to. I feel the root cause is my fear that the opposite person may ignore me or not give me a proper response and that someone else may see me being ignored and I would lose face and get ridiculed. So I put on a mask of aloofness and try to avoid people.

    2. I have hardly got any friends. Infact to be honest I have none except just 1 who is my best friend since 16 years now. Now the problem is that I am very attatched to him and have no one else to speak to or go out with so I tend to be pretty dependent on him. So whenever he tends to get busy or is caught in his own life, I tend to get a bit alone. You wrote that people with Saturn in 11th must not get too attached and should let go off their best buddy. But is it so easy to let go off a best friend with whom you have shared many moments and highs and lows of life and make new ones who are true friends ?

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