I was always a bit strange, that's OK. I found the reason of why that may be in my Sun Square Uranus natal programming. Uranus is the inventor, the planet who brings change by being different. It is something innate in me. Eventually, my idea of having a blog, psychological craving to write and analyse some of the thoughts to bring an outlet of my Uranian energy through innovation. Writing helps me to understand. It feels like buying a Rubbel-Los (sorry, don't know the English expression), where you scratch to find out what's underneath.

According to Sunday Adelaja, truth is a fundamental principle that is needed for any form of building or construction. I am living for the truth. This is not an easy way, as there are people along the way who tell you that there is no such thing as truth. Yet, standing face to face with truth, knowing why something happens, this is a very sublime feeling.

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