Accomplishing Great Things. Know thyself.

Accomplishing great things. Duh! As we grow older, it becomes more and more clear what we want to do with our life. At least, this is how it ought be, or? What is it though that you should accomplish and how do you do so? What does it take to accomplish something great?

To accomplish great things
we must not only act
but also dream
not only plan
but also believe.

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What is it though that you should accomplish?

Are you fully aware of the goals you have in life and do you follow through on them. Or are you just drifting through space and time without a direction? We need to learn and integrate the best spectrum of the energy given to us. Learn your natal chart and understand your strength and weaknesses which may come into your life, as well as where your Karma sits.

How do you do so?

You can check out your own natal chart if you go to  and find out about your own natal chart, it will show you where the individual planet sit in your chart. If you then would like to understand your strengths and weaknesses, I take a look at the various YouTube videos out there, for example discussing “Mercury in Libra” if this is your natal Mercury placement. Understand your Saturn placement to see where your Karma sits and what you should aim for accomplishing, if this is your chart ruler.

What does it take to accomplish something great?

Obviously everyone has their own definition when it comes to the word “great”. I think if you do something which demands a lot of focus, dicipline and endurange of you, this could be to accomplish something great. If you have a dream or an idea and you really want to get there, despite of disapproving opinions of others, then you are going for the path to accomplish something great.

Is there anything else I need to know to accomplish something great?

Most importantly, we need to make room for our dreams and live them. We need to chose good over bad always. And this takes planning ahead and believing in your dream to come true.

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