Airport Vibes

How I love being at airports! Seriously. I’m always a bit concerned that I don’t make it in time for a plane or that a train is delayed and in order to minimise the risk potential I end up being way too early at airports. I can imagine that you know what I’m talking about. More recently though I found out that there are people out there who dislike airports. There is obviously an astrological signification for that but definitely not in my chart. My Sagittarius energy loves being here. I feel so much at home and that’s probably why I find myself here hours before my actual flight.

When I walk through the gateways, it feels like there is so much going on, oh so much culture in the air, it’s amazing. Is there anyone who is not happy when he is going on a trip? Let’s assume for a moment that most people are experiencing the ultimate freedom, leaving behind their office cages and making their moments count now. Especially now with the Easter atmosphere, I think it is rather unlikely that people are going for surgery or funerals anywhere, so it seems even more likely that there are positive vibes to be found at airports and as I walk through the maze I feel like a lucky fish in a very happy bowl of travel vibes.

I'm waiting for the gate to be announced and look out of the huge glass windows here at Heathrow airport. The window looks really beautiful with all its reflexions because it's so dark out. There are the big round Christmas lights and the lights of the shops and the billboard. It looks like they are outside on the tarmac and combined with the passengers who are boarding the planes and the luggage being transported, it looks like such a beautiful picture. I'm thinking how the fact that there is a picture reflected into another one is just left as it is, or are we using this natural law of reflexion in any other form for our human purposes? I mean, we do use the atoms and its ability to transfer data (at least that's how I picture it would work when I'm streaming a movie) in any other circumstance?


The security check went fine and I felt even luckier that I didn’t need to go through the naked-scanning-thingy or whatever you may call that in English. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s good that they want to ensure flights are safe but really at the risk of one’s health? Maybe I’m too much of a Virgo in this respect, but to me it feels like I’m exposing myself to some really damaging rays which I’d rather like to avoid. We live in such a toxic space of all kinds of rays already, but I’ve seen airports before where you cannot even out of the naked scanner. It’s like “hey we want to see you naked and we are going to if you want it or not”. Excuse me, can I please have back my privacy Sir?

What follows is the obligatory stroll through the perfumery and - et voila – in theory Finja would be ready to take off. In practice though, the flight is not departing for 2 more hours (remember: I’m always too early!). Today is a very special airport day though, the sun is shining and lighting up the airport hall and as I find my way upstairs to some more shops (I’m always exploring the entire option of airport options), I find this incredible dining place. A place which has written “hope you see wonderful things on your travels” and it is lit up in the most beautiful sunlight. From here I have a view onto the tarmac. A young boy is checking the horizon though binoculars. I wonder what he is seeing. People eat burgers, drink tea and enjoy the moment. I don’t spot anyone who looks sad, bored or discontent. Such a lovely place.

Now a stewardess sits down opposite from me, I wonder what her destination will be tonight. How I love these travel vibes in the air. The teenager next to me being all connected with his red earphones and tablet, I can only guess what he is doing online. I often wonder how the younger generation uses the web, even though I still like to consider myself young with being 27! I sip on my Starbucks coffee and am so excited to spend time with my parents, sister and the rest of the family soon. It has been too long and as much as I love living in England where I can experience "the whole wide world", I miss being able to stop by my parents' on a Sunday or just spend more time together.

So here's to the Christmas holdiay! May they be bright and merry with lots of joy. I sip on my Corona as the sun sets.

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  1. I always get a buzz from being in airports.There is always something going on.When you fly you do feel that you are leaving your humdrum world behind and going on an exciting adventure.Also I am now learning from astrology that we can actually change our ascendant and other parts of our chart by going to another part of the world and if you live abroad for any length of time it is worth doing a relocation chart for the new place.You may find for example that you have Mars on your ascendant and are much more assertive,you will still have your natal chart but it has been modified, but I am still getting my head around it!

    I suppose security checks are a necessary evil with all the terrorism going on.

    Happy Easter!

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