Why Astrology?


Ever since the recording of time, humans have been looking up into the sky. When the sun sets and the stars become visible, we are left in wonder: How is it possible that there is no end out there? What is out there in the first place? What is meant by the saying "As above, so below"?

I grew up in a family where we would read each other the daily horoscopes from the newspaper sporadically, making fun of it and arguing that it suits everyone from time to time whereas at the same time wondering why a 21st-century newspaper would print horoscopes in the first place. Years passed and that was that.

In my late twenties, I then reached a phase where I got to a point where the following question would be popping around in my head constantly.


Why are we different




Read more about the planetary influence on your life.

This section of effcaa will introduce you to key concepts on learning astrology and learning more about yourself. 

Mercury, VenusMarsJupiterSaturn, Chiron, Uranus. Neptune, Pluto, Pallas


The Ascendant
Aspects: Conjunction, Opposition, Squares, Trines
What is your vocation? What energy are you lacking? What is your unique journey?




Astrology is fascinating because you can actually understand this moment in time. The constellations of planets found in your birth chart leave a unique imprint and define your character, strengths, and weaknesses. Now, I get it if you would rather see how life unfolds without knowing but to me, that sounds naive, you will miss out on truly understanding who you really are. 



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