Where should you go when backpacking Nicaragua?

You don't have much time but would love to see as much as possible while backpacking Nicaragua?

The following 4 destinations where on my Agenda (with Ometepe being my favourite!), each link will will explain what sort of adventure was going on.

Chickenbus Adventure & Broken Door Handles

Hang on a second, you still haven't booked your flight yet? Take a sip of tea, get into a relaxed mode and read the following.

Why you should go?

Standing on the roof of a church.
Listening to Spanish songs.
Amazing chicken busses.
Hiking the volcano.
Local markets.
Hot Springs. 

What else do I need to know?

Local currency: Cordoba
Spend per day: ~35$
Dorm bed: ~10$
Meal: ~4$
Chicken bus: ~1$


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  • Subhadrika sen

    Wow chicken busses seem interesting . I had no idea of this concept till I rrad your post. This seems to be one really amazing tour that you undertook and if possible sometime in the future I would do it too.

    • Finja

      You have to go and write your own story, it’s so worth it! The buses are amazing…

  • Love to visit Nicaragua someday.. Standing on the roof of the church will be quite an experience for sure and chicken buses sounds so cool. Thanks for such cool reccos 🙂

    • Finja

      I’m sure you will get there if you really want to go! :):)

  • Getting Stamped

    I loved Nicaragua we spent 3 weeks there and chicken bussed our way around. I actually really liked Granada, wasn’t a fan of Leon, and San Juan del Sur wasn’t what I had hoped for, and Ometepe was awesome but scary boat ride back!

    • OH yeah, the Ometepe ferry ride was crazy!!! :D:D

  • Brianna

    I did a day trip to Granada when vacationing in Costa Rica. I have been thinking about making a return trip to see more of Nicaragua. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • OH I love Costa Rica, only stayed 3 days, so I gotta find a way back there. 😉

  • I ve never thought of visiting Nicaragua! It seems a different and some kind of exotic destination! The average daily expenses also looks very good!

    • Thanks for your words. 🙂 just made me wonder how the perception can change about a place, the before and after having visited a place can be so different. I mean, you use the word exotic, and I’m not sure how I would describe it..

  • Gokul

    The chicken bus adventure can a real fun ride. Thanks for the wonderful info on the place.

    • Oh those chicken busses!! :D:D