A Weekend in Cornwall? St. Ives, beaches & else.

Long Weekend in Cornwall? Yes, please!

You only have a couple of days time? A weekend in Cornwall is definitely doable! 

Pumped to escape the harsh London vibes for a few days over the early May bank holiday weekend, we headed to Paddington station. Despite Mercury being in its first few days of its retrograde, all went well and we managed to catch the right train to St. Ives in Cornwall. We opted for the healthy snacks for the way: apples and bananas. I invested in some hipster magazines from a shop called Kioskafe close to the station. That was all.

Once the train reached the city of Reading a short while later, our peaceful reading time was over. Around 20 beer-drinking middle aged men decided to stand (or should I say camp) just behind us, leaving the middle doors in our waggon open. For the next four hours or so we felt like being at a football game. The good thing? I guess we got to polish our English slang skills. I’m always fascinated how a group of men behaves, especially when it comes to particular talks about females.

After hopping on to a teeny tiny train for the last 5 kilometres or so (in German we would call this a Bimmelbahn ride), we managed to leave the mixed weather conditions behind. It was time for the sun and the most stunning views down cliffs and along turquoise water beaches. Some Australian girls were shouting “Wow, I feel just like it’s home!”, obviously referring to all those stunning beaching down under which I only know from pictures. Cornwall was all it promised to be, no even more!

We stayed at a place called Beechwood House in Carbis Bay which was run by an older couple, and it felt very homey and cozy, had around 10 rooms or so. The highlights of that place was the bed which felt like sleeping in clouds and the British breakfast the next morning. The owner was always serving us a breakfast of our choice while we were enjoying delicious fruit salad and a Cornish version of coffee. We stayed for a few days and most other guests had left on Sunday, so in the end it was only us and the BBC breakfast show running in the background.

weekend in cornwall

Most days we spend hiking the beautiful coastal paths south or north of St. Ives. I caught myself quite regularly proclaiming how stunning the beaches looked like and maybe the beach near Hayle really was the prettiest I’ve ever seen in my life. I absolutely adore the cute little paths along the cliffs and following those signs felt like playing Schnitzeljagd (treasure hunt) and my inner child was wide awake. We kept on walking until we were so exhausted that our mission was to find a café to serve us some cake and coffee. We learned that we shouldn’t ask for coffee places but tea houses instead. Occasionally we placed the camera somewhere and set the self-timer. We must have captured the best laughter when I came running back to the picture spot and landed in a bush of thorns. It was hilarious and my butt was itching all evening.

The theme was pretty Sagittarian in nature and on our last evening, when we just came out from Pizzaexpress stepping into the evening light of the harbour, we spotted a couple of horses in the bay. I’m not even trying to find the right words to describe this moment, it was magical.

I’m typing these words sitting in the train back to London, watching the green scenery passing by. I’m recharged, my reset button has been pressed. I feel free and motivated to tackle what may come next.