Bangkok, Baby!

I met Eva right in the beginning of the travels. She was a crazy Dutch girl of extreme kindness. We wanted to spend the day together and decided to take the boat in the direction of Chinatown. The good thing was that she knew the city already and even owned a proper Bangkok map.

We walked to the river and jumped on a ferry which was supposed to take us to our desired destination. Obviously the temperatures had already reached tropical digits and the ferry was absolutely crowded already but we were lucky to find space anyway. Again I spotted monks in their orange robes. I was new to the culture so I was standing next to one monk, as that’s where the space was. Five minutes later the monk was going somewhere else on the ferry. Only later I realized that woman were obviously not allowed to stand or sit next to monks. The proper reason behind is still unknown to me until this point. The ferry ride was fun nonetheless. In Bangkok it is definetly an extremely fast way to get from A to B, describing them as being packed would be an understatement. Comparing Asian streets to European streets is definitely not possible.

We walked through the alleys in Chinatown, explored thousands of small booths and admired all the goodies which were sold. In order to cool down from time to time, we escaped into some shops which were equipped with air conditioning. We ate the most delicious papaya salads with a spicy dressing. Half of the sauce on my salad was pouring down my leg though and since hygiene has a different meaning in Asia, nobody had any napkins or something of that sort. Nothing else remained but going with the flow. I took some water out of the water which they used for making the dishes and cleaned up my leg. It was somewhat disgusting but I tried to live as the locals and obviously they are surviving as well.

As we got back to our hostel in the evening, we were totally exhausted but went for a beer nevertheless. A friends of Eva’s, Joe from England, was coming with us and we went to a bar with live music near the famous Khao San Road. It was really nice and I had my first Thai beer called Chang, absolutely refreshing after a day full of heat, even though the evening temperatures were still extremely hot. Eventually two other guys were coming to our table, Ben and Matthias from Stuttgart. They came to Bangkok for a stopover as they were travelling and working in Australia for a year and were now on their way back to Europe. Due to the law of attraction (I’m attracting Germans), Eva was attracting two Dutch girls who also joined our crowd. We ordered some more beers, and Ben and Matt were boosting their protein level by eating a Skorpion (!!!) and then we decided to check out those famous Ping Pong shows.

I never heard of those kind of shows before. Once we negotiated a decent price with the Tuk Tuk driver, he was keen to bring us to such a show. However, we were then supposed to pay 500 Baht which was just incredible! So our driver brought us to a different destination. At this place around 10 girls were standing on the stage which was basically located behind the bar. They were completely naked down there and in the process of performing their show. Basically they performed all different sort of magic with their nakedness down there. A bit strange. Soon I realized why the show was called Ping Pong show: They basically put ping pong balls inside themselves and then perform some strange magic so that the balls pop out of there and travel through the entire room. We also found out that some more extreme ping pong shows exists, shows were they have sex live on stage. Nevertheless, I was now able to erase “going to a ping pong show”  from my list.