Chatuchak Market & Lumpini Park

On our first weekend in Asia, Marie from Hamburg and I decided to finally check out the so called Chatuchak Market. It was only opened on the weekends, so our anticipation was quite huge. I had read about it in advance but since the market was quite a bit out north of Bangkok, I wasn’t 100% convinced that we would actually make it there. Marie had been to Thailand with her mum six years ago and was remembering this market with the brightest memories. So we negotiated the price for the Tuk Tuk for 150 Baht with the condition that we wanted to go to the market straight away (instead of going anywhere else such as “factories” or the like).

The market was huge. There were myriad of booths and there were different sections of the market for almost anything like clothing, food, jewelry, flowers, art and much more! I got myself a fancy pair of Thai sunglasses and tried a coconut which was cut open right in front of my eyes, so that one could drink from it with a straw. Heavenly! We spend our entire day there. Another highlight were a couple of IKEA salesman who distributed chocolate for free. The chocolate was so popular that all I remember was a huge amount of Thais and the blue and yellow clothing sticking out of a Β field of black hair.Β For the reason that the temperatures were boiling, we used the chocolate as a tool to get a better price for items in the market. The Thais found this hilarious since chocolate didn’t really seem to be part of the nutritional plan in this region.

In the evening we decided to check out the so called Lumpini Park which was located in the south of the city. We took the air-conditioned underground to cool down a bit. It felt so good when it was still boiling outside! The park was nice and big. I was amazed how many Thais could manage to do sports in the evening when it was still 33 degrees Celsius or even more! After we drove some laps around a lake sitting in a boat which looked like a swan and having admired the huge skyscrapers, we found that a public Aerobic meeting had just started. This looked so hilarious! They had put up speakers and the sound was blazing some Thai pop songs.