Daytrip to Ayutthaya

It felt like I had seen quite a bit of Bangkok by now but since I was still waiting for my Vietnam visa (I had left my passport at the embassy), I couldn’t really continue the travels, so I decided to go for a daytrip from Bangkok to Ayutthaya instead, the ancient capital of Thailand.

I bought the train ticket at the huge train station Hua Lam Phong in Bangkok and jumped on the train. The timing couldn’t have been better, just as I got on the train was already leaving! Here I was: In a real Thai train and I couldn’t believe it. All the windows were open and I had to climb trough a part of the train which was reserved for monks. Eventually I found a seat and joined the crowd of a couple of other Thais. For the reason that people here do not really speak English, at least you can’t assume this, I soon learned the universal way of communicating namely the smile. Regardless where I was, it worked wonders. Fields of rice were passing in front of my eyes and the wind was floating through the carriage. Two hours later I had arrived.

Outside of the railway station, as expected, thousands of Tuk Tuks were expecting us tourists. They were surely planning on driving us through the city. My Lonely Planet, however, was showing me the better and cheaper option. After one hopped onto a small ferry boat, one arrived on the other side of the river and from there you could continue your exploration on your feet. The town was way smaller than Bangkok and very friendly. There were food stalls and shops everywhere. The food looked kind of the same and demanded some getting used to. The great thing about this town was that there were so many ancient temples around! A feeling invading me: Where was I? How did the place feel like in ancient times?

Another nice moment occurred to me while I was sitting in the shade of a temple where I was enjoying a strange peanut-rice cookie. A young girl, around the age of 7, was walking towards me to sell me something of her handmade art pieces.