Flight & Arrival

After a short stop in Dubai (wow, there were men in these famous white robes walking around!), I finally got to Bangkok 13 hours later. I was so excited because now I had to somehow find my way to the hostel. I thought taking the train would be the cheaper option and from the so-called Khao San Road I planned on taking a taxi.

Without problems I was able to withdraw my first real Thai money called Baht without any problems and so I bought the ticket. I ran into two Americans who seemed to know their way around and the woman was very kind and nice. She said that she was living in Bangkok for 13 years now and that she would be taking the same direction. She also recommended me to take train, metro and then a local bus to get to the destination. I was lucky that she even transferred with me into the metro. When I got off the metro, I was immediately shocked by the tropical climate! It was so incredible hot and I couldn’t believe that I was in Asia! That very moment as I was standing on the street and was surrounded by Asians, seeing food booths everywhere, dirt and such a different part of our world, it was unbelievable and felt wonderful.

I was so far away from all the things which were familiar to me. Luckily some Thais were helpful to show me where the bus would be departing from and so I was waiting for the bus who eventually arrived. The bus door jumped open and me and my backpack were challenged to get on board as fast as we possibly could. The bus door stayed open even when we were driving. All the windows were open as well. It was so different and I was puzzled as the till girl didn’t seem to want any money?! I asked her to tell me when I should get off but time passed and I wasn’t so sure anymore that she understood me correctly. I couldn’t believe this entire situation. Would I ever arrive safely? My body was running on its emergency battery and I could only hope that all will go fine. The bus was driving through Chinatown and through places which I had never imagined existed before. It was insane! Finally the girl was calling that I should get off now and so I jumped outside. Now what?

All I had was my Lonely Planet and having asked countless people around me where to go and walking around and around through alleys and further alleys, I finally made it to my secure haven. I felt so extremely lucky. For the first night I had even treated myself for a single room and when the door locked behind my back, I fell into the bed. I was exhausted and could just bring the last energy reserves up, to free myself from the long black pants I had put on back in Europe. I had arrived and my 4 months backpacking adventure was just now beginning.