Journey towards Chiang Mai

I just experienced the ultimate adventure of my life. Not so sure yet if I would consider this to be positive or not. The plan was that I would pick up my Vietnam visa at around 5-7pm. The visa arrive at 6.30pm. So far, so good and I immediately got going. I was waiting for the bus number 53 to take me to the relevant destination but the bus didn’t come. Minutes and minutes passed and still no bus in sight. Keep calm I told myself. Twenty minutes later it finally arrived. I still had some time left since the departure time from Bangkok to Chiang Mai was scheduled for 9pm.

As I understood the girl from the travel agency, I was supposed to leave Bangkok from the central station but when I was showed my ticket at the central station the guy from the counter was looking strange. Obviously had I gone to the wrong station. The thing was that the guy had no idea where my correct station was located in the city. Another guy came to help and it turned out that the station was somewhere in the north and that I should better catch a tube quickly. The people at the tube then told me that I should take the tube and get off at the last stop. Puh, I put my huge backpack down and was able to relax in the air-conditioned underground.

When I arrived at the last stop, a Thai told me that this was wrong and I better take the tube backwards one stop. Omg! A tall Asian guy, who was wearing the most funny looking glasses I’d ever seen, was helping me out and explained which exit I was suppose to take. At this point in time I had only 20 minutes left before my departure to Chiang Mai and I was getting more and more nervous! I got out of the station and no busses were in sight, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I walked towards Thais in their orange clothing, who looked like street worker, but turned out to be motorbike taxi driver. I showed them my ticket and they wanted 50 Baht to take me to my destination!! I was completely lost and time was ticking. There were no proper taxis in sight but eventually one was turning up!! I quickly got onto the backseat and must have looked like a turtle who fell onto its back (with me having my backpack on the shoulder). Quickly I was throwing my card toward the driver and he was speaking no word of English. I was really torn and in panic and was looking at my watch all the time, telling him”9 o’clock!!”. When he said we had arrived, I still saw no busses and I had five minutes left.

Then I turned around a corner and couldn’t believe that I had finally made it. I had never been more happy to see busses in my entire life. I was running as fast as I could – to the extent which was possible with this huge backpack on my shoulder. When the busdriver told me that this was indeed the right bus it was 20.59. I made it and was ready to go!