Blackbox Instagram?

Where is Instagram at the moment? I come across a couple of minimalism videos on YouTube but on a broader spectrum, I am reviewing routines and thought patterns, assessing the status quo and potentially realising where to do a few changes. Reviewing my Instagram behaviour is one of them. This got me to the question: Is Instagram a blackbox?

Dream versus Reality
There is a full moon lunar eclipse happening in Pisces today. The archetypal energy of Pisces represents dreams, visions and very much the invisible, feeling sphere. The sun in Virgo on the other hand is earth, the tangible and things which are working, practical matters. As much as I love the Internet and Social networks for bringing people closer together, I sort of realise that the entire Internet may actually be some sort of dream state. What would happen if the Internet would fall out for some strange reason? Leaning too much into the dream is not healthy, better to find a middle ground with reality, tangible human connections and tangible experiences not only feeding off from others experiences.

Someone else’s Blackbox
Some people set the tone, others follow. That should be obvious if you open Instagram these days. Some of the influencers who got the visual mathematics figured out dictate what works well, then you have the masses who follow, copy or consume. I find myself feeling more and more constricted by the boundaries of the platform itself though. Some smart developers created the app and millions of people look into the shape, stream and square. That’s it? Bound to operate in a predefined space? I doesn’t feel right to me more recently. Strangely, I’m more and more pushed away from the app in an anti magnetic manner.

I know these are some drastic views but bear in mind that full moons do have a tendency to stir up people’s minds. If you don’t believe me, maybe seek out some of the famous Full Moon parties on Koh Phangan. In the end it boils down to balance, that is for sure. Balance which seem to come at the price of intense experiences. I sort of like the intenseness.

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