The Bright Side of 2016

From time-to-time, while sitting in solitude, I look back to appreciate the little things. Appreciation as the secret medicine which cures almost everything. Without doubt, 2016 had its challenges but that it didn't exclude pure blissful moments.

Here is the bright side of 2016, let's jump right into it.

#1 Visiting Panama

#2 Taking in all the seasons with autumn being my favorite

#3 Finding random objects on the street 

#4 Hidden inspirational messages & everything number 7

#5 Water or the tiny bits 

#6 Walks in the forest

They say the best things come at the end, so here it is. Voila, my first YouTube upload.

#7  The beautiful sunset in Cape Vincente.

Question: What were your personal highlights of 2016?

Much love,

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