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June Playlist

  One of my favorite summer activities is reading a magazine in one of the numerous London parks, listening to music. The magazine in the photograph is Manuskripte.at.     Current Situation       Flying like a cannonball, falling […]

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Meditation Inspo & More

Here are some links I stumbled upon this past week. I just love reading different things, hope you enjoy as much as I did.   First, turn on a song to get into a relaxed setting:     A collection […]

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My Relationship to Film

Photo via Disposableexperience.tumblr.com When I was a little girl, I remember how much enjoyment I had in watching films. The gummy bears, Tom & Jerry, and the Smurfs were my heroes. I watched the German soap opera Gute Zeiten, Schlechte […]

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System Thinking

    There is a lot which goes into it behind the scene. The self itself is a system. Not just your physical body, immune system etc. But you are yourself very psychic, all your memories and beliefs, that is […]

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Week in Fragments

    Externalisation of Inner Design     While walking downtown in central London, I noticed the big trees in private gardens. They look enormous in their peculiar way. Elegant and effortlessly swinging their leaves in the current of the […]

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Everything & Nothing

EVERYTHING & NOTHINGInformation to pin your hopes on 1 INTRODUCTION I want to tell you a story about my current train of thoughts. Or, in other words, this post is stating the obvious that all of us are on different roads […]

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