We don’t get those beautiful blue sky here that often in London. If I compare it to the previous places I’ve lived in like Indiana or Sweden, blue skies is not the thing the UK can brag about. This means that there is so much more meaning and delight when you wake up to a beautiful blue sky.


It made me realise that we so often wish to have more of the things we don’t have, but why is that exactly? Maybe the problem here is that we oftentimes do not see enough of the magic we have in the here and now and we long for perfection. Who would disagree in saying that a clear sky is not perfect? Then again, why is it that we hold the opinion that clouds in the sky make the sky less than perfect?

Before you realise it, you then notice an amazing, magical picture on Instagram of the most beautiful moment with a sky filled with clouds. Fascinating to see how we need each other to point out the beauty which we often miss.