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A long tradition of people writing leisurely non-fictional pieces. Tom Wolfe, a hero to look to for ideas how to go about without having rules. It only has to be true and it has to be good.

Writing well is writing well. Communicate the idea, it all comes down to the same thing. You are learning to write powerfully. You’re working with the craft of techniques and make it effective, elegant, creative. Simple things, little blocks that work, to tell a story, to provoke insights, to learn, to explore.

Create a narrative, paste a narrative. Find structure in what you’re going to say so that it is engaging. Balance the fact which can be dry on their own. Style alone isn’t sufficient. Writing has a lot of sub-scenes, how do you orchestrate this? How do you find your own voice?

The facts are necessary, they are not sufficient. Go to the next level, from the story of the narrative, of the voice.


A topic, while its narrow, it touches more than its own specific subject. An iconic example of something bigger. A subject which is in itself a good subject to follow. Begin seeing the shape of the story even before working on it. Simply draw people in, tell about your passion but imagine the reader being drawn to the subject itself.

Follow your own enthusiasm, if you're really excited about a story, you're going to bring across a lot of readers. You are going to be there with me. I find story ideas everwhere all the time. Reading magazines, walking through the back of magazines. Having something click, and letting yourself follow it to the next step. Being out in the world, collecting, absorbing information till something clicks. 

"Hm, I want to know more about that."

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  1. I love the beautiful pictures in this post! I find that I definitely need to start taking more notes before I dive into the writing process. I tend to just go in full force, and that doesn’t always work out very well. Great advice

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