David Hockney once said:

Being an artist.
I think I’m greedy.
Not greedy for money.
I think that can be a burden.
You cheat for the sake of beauty.
I’m greedy for an exciting life.


The thing is, most people most of the time are pretty blind.
They move through the world scanning.
As to make sure they don’t bump into anything.
Not really looking.






Water in swimming pools changes its look more than in any other form... its colour can be man-made and its dancing rhythms reflect not only the sky but, because of its transparency, the depth of the water as well. If the water surface is almost still and there is a strong sun, then dancing lines with the colours of the spectrum appear everywhere.




David Hockney. Yves-Marie Asleep. 1974



Anything simple always interests me.
In one gallery they actually had a notice which said, 'No sketching.'
'How do you think these things got on the walls if there was no sketching?' 
I draw flowers every day on my iPhone. Send them to my friends, they get fresh flowers every morning.






I usually only draw myself in down periods. I suppose that's why I often draw myself looking grim. I just think, 'Let's have a look in the mirror.' When you are alone and you look in a mirror you never put on a pleasing smile. Well, you don't, do you? Art has to move you and design does not, unless it's a good design for a bus.



David Hockney. Man Taking Shower (1965)



All painting, no matter what you are painting, is abstract in that it's got to be organized. What an artist is trying to do for people is bring them closer to something, because of course art is about sharing: you wouldn't be an artist if you didn't want to share an experience, a thought.




David Hockney. Beach House by Day, 1990.



I can get excitement watching rain on a puddle. And then I paint it. Now, I admit, there are not too many people who would find that exciting. But I would. And I want life thrilling and rich. And it is.
I make sure it is.






If we are to change our world view, images have to change. The artist now has a very important job to do. He's not a little peripheral figure entertaining rich people, he's really needed. 
A belief is like a guillotine, just as heavy, just as light.







If you want to know more about David Hockney:

What? Painting, drawing, print, photography, video (6 decades)
Underground Stop? Pimlico (Victoria Line) 
When? Open late on Thursdays
Where?  Tate Britain



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