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The well-known exploration vibes kick in again, telling me to get out of the city, so let's go on a daytrip from London. Where to? Kent! So I grab my bag and head towards the Kings Cross St. Pancras railway station to catch a 2.5h train to explore the coastal area in Kent. I love sitting in trains, seeing the world pass by in fast-forward mode, the train is quiet and before I can realise it we have reached Stratford, then heading out to the countryside. What a delight to see the horizon again!

Daytrip from London: Deal, Kent

The trail rolls through several villages and towns, I look at Canterbury and Ramsgate through the window. It feels great to see the English country life, I wonder if I have a wrong impression but it seems that people dress a bit differently outside of London, reminding me to get out of London more often to really experience what the British culture is all about. The last 30 minutes I sit in a sort of tram, small teenagers are commuting here as well. I think back to when I was younger, travelling with a small tram to the town for school.

In Deal the sun is shining, I look where people are going and follow, soon land on a small high street where people walk around. Fruit stands and the famous Greggs store are smiling at me. I admire the colours and stroll forward. I pop into some shops, such as the Hoxton Store, get lucky to bump into a flea market and sit down for some coffee at the Hope & Lane.

I then head down Dover Road South until I reach the entry to a beaten track. Yay, what pleasant surprise! I keep walking, found myself right out in nature. After a while I saw windmill appearing in the distance, so beautiful! I keep going, walk across the fields and climb up a hill until I found the Nelson's Seat. What a view from up here! In the distance I can see the seaside, it seems quite far away but I am optimistic, I just love the beaten track and learned that it is called the White Cliffs Country Trail.

Hours later I reach the seaside, it's a bit chilly but the wind is so fresh! I observe people who are here to enjoy the moment with me. The sun has already set and soon it will be dar. I have 1h or so to return from Kingsdown to the train station, my feed are exhausted but I make it. Sitting in the train, I'm amazed by how much you can live through in a day. On to the next daytrip from London!