Derivation from the Present

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A few thoughts on the precious present moment and what it could imply for us bloggers.


Here's a little update on living in the moment. I have been slacking on my meditation practice to a certain degree lately. I realized this when rushing to be in the office this morning for that 8 am call. I noticed how my eyes vaguely touched the red Watkins meditation cushion. It seemed as if the cushion was resting in peace while I was opting for a breakfast out in the city.

At first, I felt guilty. Was I not taking care of myself in the way that I should? Getting introduced to this self-care practice through the London Buddhist Centre something like 2 years or so, I knew of the stable foundation meditation has on me. I bought the cushion so I’d sit and meditate more often but then my priorities had changed.

Instead, I've come to find meditation in simple moments. Maybe this is what they call presence. And I've found that the more present I am, the better. Even when it comes to creating content and posting it. When it's present, it's real. That has been my (social posting) mantra lately.

I have the question in the back of my mind shouting: 
“So what's the one thing? The one special moment today?”

That might contradict the teachings of my Buddhist gurus as it would assume there is solely one blissful moment in a day but I see it more as a motivational mechanism.

Keep looking.
Keep experiencing.
Keep reading.
Keep creating your life.



However, while listening to a podcast this week I once again heard about all that editorial calendar chatter.

“Ha, no. I don’t need this sort of thing. They are not living in the moment,” that was my immediate reaction.

I just couldn’t care less and firmly believed it’s best to create from the presence. I felt like only the presence would offer all these ingredients, colors and fragments I need to create some sort of art form. I want to let my emotions and vibrating energy speak. In a given moment you have access to infinite potential and you don’t need to wait for that sunlight to fall in a 77 degrees angle upon that bookshelf, just so you get the content right.

Suddenly I was standing face to face with my naivety. I had completely missed the feeling that messages and concepts can still be real even though the moment of occurrence sits in the past. If that wouldn’t be the case, I’m not sure how countries would exist otherwise. Yes, something cannot be present but can still be real.

Writers living outside of the moments. Is this a moral dilemma? Do writers give up their own happiness (aka living in the presence) in order to offer others more realizations? In all honesty, I may need to answer this with a yes. So why keep all those past present moments alive? Maybe it is in order to belong, maybe it is a responsibility in order to kiss and tell.

So I’ve changed my mantra. Moving forward, I will use my life, current vibration, and emotional state as a means to tell the story, whereas the story will circle around bigger concepts itself. Yes, I created a content calendar for the blog. I tried it once and it’s not all that restricted. I just hope it will give a little bit more air.

And I will keep my eyes open for those lovely blog posts which just ARE, where the language is just so beautiful because it speaks form a present moment regardless if that occurs right now or not. I will promise to hang out with you in your moment because I really love those (non-Lush-bath-bomb) posts to the core. Maybe I will risk entering a non-existing space of time but then who knows if the Internet exists at all in the first place.

The presence seems to be multi-faced and more so its implications. I mean we all take something from somewhere but I'm interested in that tiny huge bit coming from your soul. That’s what we bloggers are there for, or? Telling stories from the bottom of our souls.


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  1. I agree with the write (live) in the present moment, it is important to follow your gut or your inspiration. But sometimes I get too lost on my day to day: working full-time, studing my MBA and singing and dancing as hobbies leave little time to that blogging game.
    Also, I tend to have inspirational moments when I brainstorm and note all the ideas that come to my mind. That way, I am able to schedule some content and work on it bit by bit whenever it is I have a moment to write.

    But I’m sure that if I stick too much to the schedule, I’d loose my sparkle, and that’s why I see the Editorial Calendar as a guide and not an obligation.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, they were inspirational.

    Hasta pronto,

    1. Good morning Selenita,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and the thought regarding the guide and not the obligation bit. Will keep that in mind! And absolutely agree with you on the sparkle bits…
      Have a lovely week!
      <3 finja

    2. ‘you don’t need to wait for that sunlight to fall in a 77 degrees angle upon that bookshelf, just so you get the content right.’

      I think this quote should be printed a million times and pasted up all over….couldn’t agree more.

  2. Such amazing thoughts, thanks for sharing! I totally agree with you here. “Yes, something cannot be present but can still be real.” yes!!
    Enjoy reading your posts more and more, so can’t wait for upcoming content!

    1. Oh Arden! Thank you so much for your words as always! I notice how I become more open by the hour, just not giving af. So liberating. BUT: I cannot wait for your book to arrive, truly thrilled!

  3. Ok I am going to try and get a comment on and damn the technology!

    Eckhart Tolle says ‘the present moment is all there ever is’,self evident you might say but contained in that one short sentence is a pointer to enlightenment.We are being invited to step outside time and experience the eternal.Abraham Maslow would call it a peak experience,a glimpse of ‘God’It is also a peek experience,short and fleeting so we should try to take every opportunity to come to this state,meditation,breath work,yoga,the list is endless.

    1. Oh DAVID!!! Hello, so good to see you back here! You don’t even know how happy I got when I saw your comment. 🙂 Thank you so very much for this wisdom!!!

  4. Thanks Finja.It is great to be back and to be able to comment on your very interesting and illuminating blogs.There will be more ,as Jupiter is traversing my first house ,in Scorpio!

    1. Oh yes, isn’t that happening from the 10th onwards? Freaking can’t wait to see how all that will play out. Also very interested to see how the Saturn effects will be. Apparently Saturn in Sag will have had 3 different flavours, the Virgo influence, the Libra influence and then now the upcoming Scorpio influence. Honestly can’t wait to find out about all that….

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