Eliminating the Clutter

Halcyone, by Herbert James Draper (1863-1920).

Today I was cleaning out my stuff and – oh does that feel good for a Virgo! It’s the concept of purification which was triggered by a recent book I read by called Everything That Remains in which the author tells about his journey to become a writer. He takes the reader on a step by step process to become aware of what is not needed in one’s life. In such, he inspired me to think about what my essence is, what material things and habits can I eliminate?

When throwing out two pairs of old shoes, a couple of clothing items, that random stuff in my desk and night table, that a feeling developed in my body. What if I would need to pack up my entire life to travel the world? I realised that am already in a really good position to pick up my big suitcase, maybe have a box of spare items. Yes, definitely possible. But what about the TV? In theory, I don’t need it, as I can watch on my Laptop. But what about the Apple TV? I ended up thinking how I wouldn’t be brave enough to do so right now, I just started this new job in a software company six months ago and sort of cherish this secured income and room here in London. But what if? 

I find that writing is the best way to release emotional tension. In a conversation recently, someone explains how a writer takes a good look at the world, observing from various different standpoints. That moment, when you are in the flow and not distracted by anything which doesn’t feel good. An environment that is calm makes it easy to concentrate on the task at hand. The more you concentrate when writing, the more likely you are to produce something that is of value. 

It is often quite difficult to distinguish what you should do and what you shouldn’t? It’s called the middle way. If you deviate from the norm, there is less understanding. If you differ too much, you are on your own with your ideas. Not many people go there, most of them pick security over real knowledge.

In the first week of May, I’ll be travelling from St. Petersburg, via Moscow, Kiev, Odessa to Chisinau in Moldova. I’m so excited to see Russia and learn how the country differs from the imposed image depicted in the Western media. Luckily I have a friend with me who speaks a bit of Russian. I will see if I would feel comfortable being in unknown places. Visiting the Stans (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan,..)? Nepal? South America?

These are thoughts which lean wideout the window.

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