English Doors. What’s so special about them?

English doors have such magic to it, the entry way to a person’s home sparkles in a very unique way. Sure you have terrace houses where one door resembles the next and all you find are waste bins, but then there are roads with English doors which look like nothing you have ever seen before.

OK, frankly spoken it is not just about the door but it boils down to the fact how the colour of the door integrates to the area in front of the house. Do the colours speak to each other in terms of contrast and harmony?

english doors

I usually take every opportunity given to me and go out to explore the world – I meant to say explore streets of various different English doors. There is so much culture to it. Sometimes you even spot a door to be open, letting you get a tiny glimpse into the hallway! What is so special about the doors in England? To me it feels like each door is some sort of mission statement. “Hey look at me! I live behind a red door, underlying maybe the statement a person like to make in life?”

If I compare English doors to German doors for instance, I have to say that German doors look moderate, they do not want to jump out in terms of colours usually. I guess the statement a person wants to make comes through his electronic equipment such as the Bosch washing machine or Vorwerk hoover, good quality or what really counts?

In the end these are obviously my personal observations. Maybe the emphasise on different English doors is rooted in the culture wanting to break free of the hierarchy in England which is still present due to the royalty? Or maybe the US mentality of Living the Dream returned to Enland?


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