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I want to tell you a story about my current train of thoughts. Or, in other words, this post is stating the obvious that all of us are on different roads and may fancy different things. Recent gems of little information snippets, maybe of value for your own little journey. Writing this post feels like cleaning out the closet. They should probably add cleaning out one's notebook to a list of spare time activities. Very liberating indeed.


Every now and then, I shuffle the tarot deck sitting on my night table and pull a card to see what my current energetic level is. I do tarot for a while now, it help to shed some clarity on certain life circumstances every now and then. It's a form of psychotherapy really. Each card refers to a certain type of energy and the images on them are cherrypicked from diverse traditions, seizing on the allegories that suited them. Tarot’s association with gaming is as significant as its link to the occult, some say. The true power of tarot reading is not based on simple or cynical guesswork.
Until now, science has used mostly the same research methods, these haven't evolved and are slightly outdated. Have we ever taken the human component into account when researching a hypothesis? Obviously, we are all unique individuals and come to different conclusions when given a problem. So how to factor in a person’s being? Consciousness and intentional meaning need a total description of the objective facts and metaphysical structure of the material or physical world, and this is where distortion is already beginning. Consciousness and intentionality cannot be accounted for by means of physical, causal, behavioral, or functional explanations. See you soon Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius, let’s see how 2020 will bite its time and deliver new answers to this avenue.



Oh, and speaking of videos. Absolutely in love with my Snap Spectacles. It opens up a whole new sphere to storytelling. Welcome to my dimension, dear watcher. If you want to know more about Spectacles, here’s a blogger review.






Here's a list of what I've read recently.

Selected Essays by Virginia Woolf
Science and Poetry by Mary Midgley
Transactions of Desire edited by Omar Kholeif & Sarah Perks 
Gelassenheit: Was wir gewinnen wenn wir aelter werden by Wilhelm Schmid (send to my grandparents afterwards)

Then I've spend a few lunch breaks reading through the issue of FRIEZE Magazine, the brand new June/July/August issue is sitting on my end table. If you're interested in a subscription, head over to my shop for further info. 


I continued reading and emerging into the publishing/magazine scene, I see a big mountain called literature in front of me. At the London Review of Books, an author spoke about rhetoric tools to add a level of detachment and privacy to one's writing. We will see where these thoughts are standing in a couple of months. Feels like a long path, more sustainable than just thinking blogs exist independent of the publishing and offline reading world. Where is the connection between these two worlds? I'm determined in my pursuit to find out. 
Write a 25 words novel, the more condensed, the deeper it burns. How easy is it really to tell an entire story in just a few words? Let's live and breathe philosophy and write an entire novel in just 25 words. You can tell any story you like, however you choose, as long as it hits the word count. Celebrate creative writing for Bath Spa University's 25th anniversary on creative writing, submit your work here
Any German writers out there? You may find this useful.


Finally gave in and bought a proper Astrology software for the PC, I constantly found myself overwriting the limited data storage capacity on astro.com. Feel like a complete grown up astrologer.

Discovered The Racket Priest, and completely fell in love with a new t-shirt. If you are near Oxford Street, they sell it at Topshop. 

Stumbled upon the most amazing iron board on Lakeland. Isn't this adorable?

Let's make good use of available resources. Different levels of improviser leap into situations with no plans, practice, tact or ability to read the room - so it's good to do your homework and research the journey you're going on.


Let me know if any of the above links were of interest or how this post resonated with you. Would love to get to know my readers. 🙂





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