Explore Leon! What the lion’s heart has to offer.

Explore Leon!

It was actually pretty excited to get to Leon, the city of the lion. Why? I wondered if it would get me more in touch with my natal Venus in Leo placement. I like symbols and being in the city of the lion triggered a special feeling. 

I got lucky to stay in a dorm with a gorgeous garden yard, completely for to myself. The place was called Via Via and got recommended to me by a traveller I’d met on the way down south. Some very happy and loud Swiss girls stayed next door and I got involved in a little chat. Even though part of me knows that with every personal encounter you discover a certain spark, another part tells me to not waste my time with people where I don't feel like we would be on the same wavelength. I didn’t feel the connection to the Swiss girls. Every one is great, not everyone vibrates on your level. Just a little message from my intuition. Let’s face it, you can’t talk to everyone, there is just not enough time. 

Not sure why but I realised that it can also get pretty exhausting to smile back at all the locals. I feel guilty and feel that they all deserve to receive a smile in return when their eyes are observing me in such a curious way. Maybe the key here is to keep the balance and only smile at very special people. Intuition 2.0. Or maybe there is a way to walk dressed in a smile myself, so that I don’t find that the muscle of my face is working too hard.

The Nicaraguan vibes were difficult to differentiate from the Guatemala and El Salvador vibes. Maybe Guatemala could be Thailand and Nicaragua Vietnam. It seems to be a bit more cultural, a bit more of the Latin world. Maybe this again is some sort of self imposed illusion whereas the longer you are out of your turf, the more you feel like you are really into the unknown.

I got on with my tourism program, sat in some churches, walked down plenty of streets, strolled around the local market, took some snaps of locals and admired the city from the rooftop of the biggest cathedral.

From above, the city looked amazingly green, so tropical. It seemed like it was built right into the rainforest. In the distance one could see volcanoes, they seemed to be everywhere around here in Central America. The top of the volcanoes were covered in clouds, heaven so close to earth. Really a bit like paradise because who wouldn’t picture paradise like a piece of rainforest?

Maybe you have similar high school memories and studied the climate of our world specifically about monsoon season near the equator. Being here right at the start of it as the rain season was just about to begin, it felt very special to observe the forces of our world. I saw the craziest thunderstorm I’d seen in my entire life. Such a spectacle! As if the gods were playing some sort of orchestra and you feel it running through the spine of you back. Your heart is electrified and shaken alive. In Europe dogs are scared of thunderstorms but in Leon dogs are howling from the distance. As if they would embrace the moment, having undressed from any sort of fear. I myself felt like I had kicked off some sort of shell or skin around me. All what was coming to me was my electrified heart.

Do you know that the feeling of the bass in your heart when you hear load music with quality speakers? Listening to the thunderstorm in Leon definitely had a feeling of that and who know if my Venus in Leo has anything to do with that.

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  1. ‘I myself felt like I had kicked off some sort of shell or skin around me. All what was coming to me was my electrified heart.’
    sounds like a textbook definition of venus in leo. may you hold on to the experience forever. thank you for sharing this.

    1. Thanks so much for your reply, really means a lot to me. I love your perspective on Astrology, thanks so much for putting all the knowledge out there! 🙂

    2. it really means a lot to me, too, that i am communicating in a usable manner. astrology sites are often ‘preaching to the choir’ which makes them difficult for the everyday person to really understand and i so did not want to be just another one of those. please do know that any questions you might have about my content are really welcome.

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