Farewell September

This isn't a place for aspirations but rather for appreciation of what has been. If the human lifespan were two hundred years or so, how fun would it be to go back in time to understand the appreciation from the past? In this sense, farewell September! 




To Jonas Kaufmann, Austin Basham, Mount Kimbie and Steve Wilson (Favourite song: Song of I). More here. We also went to an amazing concert right insight Tower Bridge.


Having a content calendar allows for more air and breathing. More here. But more so the book mentioned below, On Forgiveness, has taught me these precious eight lessons: //1. We know that instincts that do not discharge themselves outwardly turn inwards. //2. It is this failed attempt to deny the power of the past upon our lives that, paradoxically, may offer the clue to our healing. //3. Trespasses, those every day breaks in the harmony of life or tears in the web of human relationships. //4. By being aimed at someone and not something, forgiveness becomes an act of love. //5. To completely understand any human act, including what we would describe as a wicked act, we would have to know all the facts of the universe. //6. The real motive for self-examination is not so that we can beat ourselves up for being miserable sinners, but so that we can grow in self-knowledge and manage our relationships a bit more wisely. //7. The original sin may have been committed hundreds of years earlier, but it still scars the collective consciousness of whole communities and keeps them imprisoned in the past. //8.The group mind is prone to the excitement of revenge and closed to the painstaking processes of forgiveness.




A whole lot! If you look at the photograph, it was a yellowish kinda month. I loved Milk & Honey because of the fantastic split of the different stages in love. Swing Time tells the story of the life of two girls living in London from their childhood to well into adulthood. On Forgiveness is a philosophical masterpiece. I finally managed to dive into The Bell Jar and didn't find it as dark as I thought it would be. I was more than touched by the sensibility of the character. The bookish highlight was writing my first book review on Ecstatic Writing (here). The publisher Hanser was so kind to send me the copy for free. And a little hint, if you are interested in helping publishers, support authors to get more exposure to their fantastic long hours of writing, I've found that a couple of publishers even have dedicated sections on their websites particularly for bloggers. So definitely go check them out. I'm sure your local language publishers will be thrilled to hear from you.



There were a couple of business trips happening. In fact, I don't even know how many airplanes and trains I boarded this month. It was very productive if you ask me. Someone on Snapchat messaged me and said I was living the ultimate travel dream life. I read the message while sitting on the tube, 1.5h from home, late in the evening. I was freaking exhausted. I mean, on the edge, that's for sure. And all that I was thinking was, yes maybe. But this is freaking normal and demanding a lot of energy as well. Point being, even travel can be exhausting and we can't really tell from images or videos what is really going on behind the camera. How someone's emotional and energy level is doing. But yeah, definitely appreciating the travel but I've also realized that it's not all roses.



Definitely, the puppy time at my parent's was one of the funniest moments. There is something really hilarious about puppies stealing stinky old shoes having the time of their life. But this is a tricky question to answer. Where else did I laugh that my stomach tickled? I always find it amusing when some random strangers jump into the tube and do some entertaining performance. I love that for the fact that it's brave, strange and out of the ordinary. But I was never the type to laugh at other people. I know that's a big deal when it comes to comedy. Maybe that's why I never really got into that? A friend was sending me a couple of "funny"
gifs on Whatsapp this month but then stopped because I didn't find them funny. lol. Yeah, I guess I laugh when the universe surprises me in a strange logical sense with facts which don't impact my personal life too much. I guess. 



Too many books. One new outfit from the new Weekday store in Regent's Street. There is a lovely Swedish girl working there and we had a really nice conversation. I did some online shopping but will need to return a couple of items. Guess you need to establish a proper workflow when it comes to online shopping as well. I mean if you don't like it, go to the post office right the way and don't let it sit the package sit in the closet. So we may win from avoiding the crowded stores and having access to a broader variety of shops online, but the cost of it all is that extra effort when the size is not quite right. 


Too many German breakfast buns (Brötchen) with Nutella or cheese and tomatoes. My mouth starts watering just thinking about it. All in all, it was a pretty good vegetarian month if you look away from a local cabbage dish which had some sausage in it. Oh, and loving the wasabi snack right now.



Autumn means tea, tea, tea. I've found this amazing tea called Bengal Spice from Celestial Seasonings and I'm obsessed. Not only by the lion on the packaging but more so the strong spices. The orange tea is really good as well and I love the little new mug I got, it has a beautiful blue and turquoise colors on it.


I've watched all of Grimcorns Youtube videos for September, as well as the main Astro forecasts. My sister and I watched a German crime production on 3sat about a man who was sent to prison, hanged himself and only later it turned out that he was innocent.


The end of innocence aka my 29th birthday.



In an actual matter: About the ending in Zadie Smith's Swing Time. And in a not so actual matter, read this:  It's still the same. Whenever I leave the lovely bubble of my childhood, it's still not that easy. You would think that it gets easier, I'm freaking 30 next year but there is still this part of me which does not want to grow up. I've learned a whole lot about taking care of my own needs, I'm well sufficient on my own. I don't call my parents for weeks when life gets really busy. And I well remember the occasions when I was happy to leave my hometown again. There's not much to do in the countryside anyway. But this time around, leaving was particularly difficult. Maybe it's because of the puppy, don't know. I'm missing the shared breakfast, to have someone around at all times. I haven't felt this sort of isolation, of freezing, in a long time. The evening I got back, it felt like no one was waiting for me in London. It usually gets better after a nights sleep and it did. Work is helping as well obviously, you get distracted. But at the bottom of it all was a realization that the sweet belongingness to my parents and sister was now to be lived from the distance again. Maybe it's a job now to create that nice lovely home on my own. And that's where it gets blurry. So, for now, I've found some calm, blissful moment here with the swans on the river. I walked with them for a while but the two white ones remained on one side of the bridge. A few minutes later, further down the stream, I discovered the five grey baby swans which are so grown up now! I still remember those hot summer days when I came with my Birkenstock and sunglasses during lunch hours. Now we've arrived on the last day of September. I stare at the building complex and see a couple waiting for the elevator, laughing. He's teasing her and nudges her shoulder. They probably have wine on the couch. It's almost completely dark soon, the sun is long gone. There are a few lights on and all the balconies have huge windows behind them. Then a deliveroo guy waits for the elevator as well. I'm shivering. Thankfully my emotional tantrum has disappeared. But then, what do I know.


What were the highlights of your September?
What makes you laugh?
Oh, and do you have a local breakfast tradition?

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  1. i honestly don’t know where to start. i was smiling throughout this post and i’ve always sighed dreamily at the way you pour your words that i honestly don’t know what to say aside from the cliche “i enjoy reading this.” this is so lame. man, i feel lame. but my mind was too busy admiring the way you write that all the thoughts i should have poured into my comment vanished just like that.

    i haven’t been reading a lot last month and it sucks because i feel like i’m so behind schedule. i really need to step up my game so i can keep up with the goodreads reading challenge this year. i’ve heard so many good things about milk & honey and it’s definitely in my TBR list but we’ll see when i’m gonna get it. i really don’t want to read poetry books on iPad so i need to save so i can splurge on hard copies too.

    unfortunately, there’s no highlight to my september. even if there was, it’s for the unpleasant things. haven’t been feeling okay lately and i’m just going through days with a poker face so there’s that. we don’t have fall here either so i don’t share that excitement people have when it comes to fall. i guess, what makes me laugh would be stupid internet memes and my boyfriend. oh, the other day he and i spent a few minutes laughing at a bunch of hilariously written bad food reviews on this app called zomato.

    local breakfast tradition, huh. i never thought about that. i don’t think i have a personal breakfast tradition either because i’ll just eat what i want – well, not really but you get what i mean. i do love bread, spam and omelette though or just a simple bread and milk 🙂

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