Favorite Snapchatter as of late. Who’s worth following?

Snapchat has jumped onto the Social Media a while ago, that's without doubt. I'm fascinated to see how the platform will evolve and where it may potentially lead us towards. In this article I will share my favorite snapchatters as of late and provide you will a few thoughts on where I see the platform to be going.

Favorite Snapchatter?

Without further ado, here's my current list of favorite snapchatter. Bear in mind that I'm pretty selective with whom I keep in my stream and not. I find new users via the Instagram or Twitter bio and come to the realization that I don't want to sit "behind the screen" all day long, so I limit the amount of time I watch Snapchat, but for these people it's definitely worth tuning into.

Ada Blitzkrieg (adablitzkrieg). Berlin-Freelance-Kitty-Vibes.
Alica Gao (alice_gao). NYC-Photographer-Hipster-Chic-Vibes.
Angelica Blick (angelicablick). Swedish-Powerwoman-Vibes.
Estee Lalonde (essie_button). London-Youtuber-Vibes.
Cornelia Grimsmo (grimcorn). Norwegian-Girly-Vibes.
Sara Sampaio (sarasampaio). Victoria-Secret-Vibes.
Lily Rose (lily_roz). Travel-Phtography-BehindScenes-Vibes.
Amanda Winberg (winbergamanda). Swedish-Rawness-Vibes.
Sebastian Friedrich (sefrieben). Recent-Add-On-German-Hipster-Vibes.

Why do I use Snapchat?

It was 2013 when I started using Snapchat on a regular basis, mainly due to my fellow Swedish flatmates who introduced me to the fun sphere of the platform. I had downloaded it before but never got the point, you need the group in order to tap into the full  possibility of a social platform because that's where these tools are designed for. Instagram had already lost that sense of immediate, so Snapchat came into my life to revive the "Hey, look what's happening to me just now"- feeling. We would send each other short pictures or videos. 

Three years into my Snapchat usage, I now use the app in order to communicate to the public through the story function. I like to share what my eye sees, what excites my eye, what suprises me, what angers me and so on. I continue to dislike the selfie part (the funny filters are reserved to my closest friends and family). Why? I think people can relate more to the story if they can pretend to be part of the game, if they can imagine the camera to be their view to the outside world. 

Snapchat or Instagram stories? Snapchat. We've seen once that it's difficult for one platform to fail when it tries to be it all. Also, who wants to scroll horizontally?

Where do I see Snapchat in the future? I think it will slowly catapult us into the virtual space where we then access different realities.

Let me know your thoughts, do you have any favourite Snapchatter or any other thoughts on Snapchat?

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