Frida, or maybe it’s Frieda. Need to check in with my sister on that. She’s my parents newest add-on, a Magyar Vizsla. I’m back home in Germany visiting and fully emerged in this puppy lifestyle. Thank god I don’t need to justify these lines on my arms which could indicate an emo past.

My hands smell like a proper 🐶 and we’re cuddling around all day. She takes naps, wakes up, plays. The whole good life. And she’s so scared. I observe her becoming braver and braver by the hour. So strange to think that she is only in this world for eight weeks while I’m counting down the days to my 29th birthday. Twenty-nine years. It’s a strange feeling to go to sleep in my childhood room when there’s a huge poster from me and my sister hanging on the wall. It’s the frozen moment from my first day in primary school. I look at the hands in the poster, my own hands and remember the hands of my grandma when she was in the elderly care home. In fact, I remember every little detail of my grandmas’ hands. 

But yeah, puppies are cute and crazy. Here’s a proper fun fact. This morning my work laptop turned all black despite being on the power outlet. Taking a closer look at the charging cable, and closing your eyes a bit, it almost looked like a piece of licorice which has been nicely chewed on.

So now I’m testing Amazon’s Morning delivery option in the hope to getting my color codes in my Outlook back in front of me. There’s nothing like your personalized PC. Well, and a puppy sleeping next to you.



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  1. that’s a cute dog! i’ve never heard of the vizsla breed! at first i thought it was a daschund due to its droopy, flappy ears. i don’t think i’ve heard of anyone owning a vizsla pup before. this is interesting *o*

    puppies are troublesome but they’re the good kind of trouble. they do things that make you wanna rip your hair out one time but some other time they make you want to scoop them out and spoil them rotten with treats. i remember when my dog was a puppy; it was during teething and she chewed on everything, including my father’s phone. she’d chase me and my mom because we have soft skin that our dog loves to chew and nibble on. even if it’s just a play thing, it still left a few marks because despite being puppies, their teeth are sharp regardless. now, my dog is growing older and older and it makes me sad whenever i start thinking bout that. even if she still has some energy to run around and be a rascal (i don’t think jack russell terriers will ever run out of energy tbh), the days are counted now.

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