A Friday in Crouch End

Carrying notebooks around as if they are candy, off and about in London.

Today I started with a pleasant morning talk in Ruby Rose in Crouch End. The cafe opened up recently, it is one of these places which are born with that certain special vibe. The owner of the shop told me about his Swedish wife and stepson who is a famous DJ on Soundcloud (which unfortunatly I wasn't able to find afterwards). We chat our way and I switch between flat white, toasted sourdour with marmalade and the Jungle edition of the amazing Fernweh magazine by Belka Berlin and then the shop owners stories about the local community here in Crouch End.

I'd love to get involved in the community more and this week, I learned about the blogging world a whole lot more.

John from John's Road to Volunteering and I met upΒ near Tottenham Court Road. He was the first real blogger I met personally. It was so inspiring to hear his enthusiasm and vision of what he creates. He partners with charities in the UK to get the community engaged. In other words, someone who truly knows what road he is on. It is because of John that I bought the current edition of the Blogosphere magazine.

Later this evening I got engaged in a chat with Anita and her friend. Anita is Aquarius. If a person would be born today, he or she would be born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Not only did I like here confident and chilled outlook on life but the encounter with her got me hooked on an email I read later on.Β 

Eric Meyer from Soulvision Consulting describes the current times as follows.Β 

We like to think that knowledge is neat and tidy, but truth can be like an ethereal translucent dragonfly on the periphery of our field of vision who disappears when we glance at it. In order to see it, we must learn to look at life in Aquarian ways, to upgrade our lenses to see the numinous. It's time to exchange the old constructs for some new ones...but all the stores sell the usual ones, and almost everyone is wearing them. The money from those sales pays for our roads and bridges, the salaries of our teachers and leaders.

Have a good weekend.
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  1. I haven’t experience seeing real bloggers in person. Only here on the internet and I think I’d also be so happy to see one in person and even have a chat with them. Haha! πŸ˜€

    Have a great weekend, Finja! πŸ™‚

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit

  2. I really like how Eric Meyer describes the present times, especially the dragonfly analogy. I have never met with other bloggers, still being new in this community, but it’s something I would love to consider someday.

    Yuki | solivagantic

  3. Hello Finja! This is the first time I stumble upon your blog and it’s the most lovely thing I have ever seen! I really like how you write and don’t even get me started on the pictures! I will absolutely follow you on all your socials! I don’t want to miss a post! xx

    Indie Suns | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

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