Not about need for another.
A really nice time to just accept.
You have right in front of you what you need.
Don’t miss out on the choice of future.
Understand what it’s like to be free.
Design it yourself.






  1. Zoom into nature

Going to Oxford has been on my list for a while. It’s one of those day trips from London you save up for a special occasion. Just before 10am on a Saturday, I sit down on the train, sip my latte. The city slowly fades away out in the window to my right. Nature, so calming and revitalising. How plants, trees and flowers all wake up from winter.


  1. No phone

Arriving in Oxford, my battery runs on 20%. Perfect conditions to emerge in the unknown place to the fullest. There are so many hours spend in front of screens, so now is the time to switch-off. Be away like it’s giving you the same vibes as on a deserted island.


  1. No map

Google maps isn’t an option. Out the train station, I observe where most of the people walk, it must be the city centre. My feet carried me for a few blocks when a river appears. It’s green and the sound of the water like bliss. I don’t know where I go but turn here and there. Just as my heart tells me.








  1. Make up the story as you go

I step into the grounds of Oxford castle, up the hill. Twinkling into the sunlight. It’s stormy and dramatic. I can’t find a ribbon, my hair blows into my face. From up here you have a gorgeous view over the small city. I get all excited to walk through many streets with no destination. Sometimes I turn because someone interesting walks in front of me, or I spot some action in the streets.


  1. Go with the flow

Most of the time it seems like my intuition is what keeps me going in travelling. A part of my emotions cannot help but explore. You got to go. You have to change and you have to try. A perfection of what’s you created in a character. It has become a stamp, you’re not feeling it. You have to change. Take the first step towards greatness, we can’t be around you. Be the unique person to take the first step. You make the boldest decisions. You’re on your own. Feel out the mission.


  1. Be spontaneous

Unstoppable energy. Feeling of freedom and ability to get there. Getting lost, an awakening happening in you. Settle up the horse and ride towards the sunset. Make it bumpy and make it fun.


  1. Enjoy

Go that very, very ridiculous path you’ve chose. A brand new sensation.


What is your recipe to getting lost?