How to get Lost || An Oxford Adventure

Not about need for another.
A really nice time to just accept.
You have right in front of you what you need.
Don’t miss out on the choice of future.
Understand what it’s like to be free.
Design it yourself.






  1. Zoom into nature

Going to Oxford has been on my list for a while. It’s one of those day trips from London you save up for a special occasion. Just before 10am on a Saturday, I sit down on the train, sip my latte. The city slowly fades away out in the window to my right. Nature, so calming and revitalising. How plants, trees and flowers all wake up from winter.


  1. No phone

Arriving in Oxford, my battery runs on 20%. Perfect conditions to emerge in the unknown place to the fullest. There are so many hours spend in front of screens, so now is the time to switch-off. Be away like it’s giving you the same vibes as on a deserted island.


  1. No map

Google maps isn’t an option. Out the train station, I observe where most of the people walk, it must be the city centre. My feet carried me for a few blocks when a river appears. It’s green and the sound of the water like bliss. I don’t know where I go but turn here and there. Just as my heart tells me.








  1. Make up the story as you go

I step into the grounds of Oxford castle, up the hill. Twinkling into the sunlight. It’s stormy and dramatic. I can’t find a ribbon, my hair blows into my face. From up here you have a gorgeous view over the small city. I get all excited to walk through many streets with no destination. Sometimes I turn because someone interesting walks in front of me, or I spot some action in the streets.


  1. Go with the flow

Most of the time it seems like my intuition is what keeps me going in travelling. A part of my emotions cannot help but explore. You got to go. You have to change and you have to try. A perfection of what’s you created in a character. It has become a stamp, you’re not feeling it. You have to change. Take the first step towards greatness, we can’t be around you. Be the unique person to take the first step. You make the boldest decisions. You’re on your own. Feel out the mission.


  1. Be spontaneous

Unstoppable energy. Feeling of freedom and ability to get there. Getting lost, an awakening happening in you. Settle up the horse and ride towards the sunset. Make it bumpy and make it fun.


  1. Enjoy

Go that very, very ridiculous path you’ve chose. A brand new sensation.


What is your recipe to getting lost?

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    1. hello dear jane! thanks so much for your comment. doesn’t matter what place, just follow a few how-to-get-lost rules and go for it :):)

  1. Thanks for the ‘trip,’ Finja. Someone I care a lot about lives in Oxford and it’s one of my dreams to surprise her with a visit. A long shot for now but one never knows. When I go, I’ll be sure to remember your tips. Cheers

    1. heya wesley, thanks for your words. whoop whoop! you should go there, go for it! don’t wait, time’s too short for that! maybe the purpose of this article was giving you a little hint on that 😀 😉

  2. i remember going to hk and actually got lost because i couldn’t find the food place i desperately wanted to go. i personally don’t mind getting lost in a new place, however, my parents weren’t very accepting of that. it wasn’t a solo trip, it was a trip with the family and since i was the navigator, they followed me wherever i went. so when we got lost, my mother was the one who freaked out first. it was…a little bit unfortunate and annoying because like you, i enjoy getting lost. plus, most people in hk are capable of speaking in english which was why i didn’t panic at all. i think the most important thing is to keep a business card of where you live (e.g. if it’s a hotel then it’s the hotel’s business card) so if you get lost too far, you can call a cab and still go home – this is what i think. i do get the fear of getting lost in a new place though so i totally get the people who freak out about it. likewise, during my trip, i never had internet connection unless i headed back to my hotel or rented apartment. i actually rely on manual paper map and it’s kinda fun because it’s old school and traditional, feels more adventurous too. other than the fact that i’m stingy and refuse to buy said country’s phone number and credit, i also think exploring a new place with no internet connection is a good, refreshing way for internet detox.

    p.s: such lovely photos you took! love them 🙂

    1. omg elise, thank you so much for your lovely comment!!! i feel you, especially when it comes to getting lost alone or with someone else. i’m good at the getting lost by myself part but with people, you are right, that takes somehow a different dimension. there is def a difference. i can get lost with people, meaning even sitting in a cafe, talking to them. you can talk with someone and get the feeling that you are getting lost. wish ill go to hk anytime soon, love traveling long distance to get lost the proper way as you describe it with not having a connection there at all. again, thx so much for your words. 🙂 xx

  3. I think Oxford is probably the perfect place to get lost! It’s such a beautiful city and in my experience, actually walking around OXford following a map means you miss a lot of the more interesting areas! So glad you had a nice day trip. x

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