Why goose bumps? A story on treasure hunting.

I was on my way to the office a few months back when I wondered about the meaning of getting shivers. Maybe the term ‘goose bumps’ will sound more familiar which is also directly translated into German: Gänsehaut. Does this stem from the visual aspect of a goose whose skin was taken away and then holds a surface of small little bumps? Why goose bumps?

When I look into the definitions of the terms ‘shivers’ and ‘goose bumps’, I get the identical keywords in return: According to the dictionary the words are used to describe when small areas of the skin shows little pimples in situations of coldness, fear or excitement.

Why Goose Bumps

My mind comes to a halt, wait a second, is this how I experience shivers as well? Or what is the theme further underlying my own physical experience? These questions stuck with me for a couple of weeks and even now they have not quite waved their way good-bye.

So every time I got the shivers, I tried to become so aware that I could maybe point my finger towards the cause, I wanted to encode the message my body was sending me.

What I found was that there was no real circumstance of coldness, but that may as well be because I was wearing the right cloths. I grew up in the countryside and seemed to have developed some sort of shell towards the obvious fear. The sort of fear, I thought I would be aware of didn’t cause me any shivers neither.

So when would I get the shivers? They would come to me in strange situations. I was just walking around the corner but somehow a rush of blissful emotions would overcome me. I was never able to point my finger but every time I felt extremely ecstatic. I am convinced that the occurrence of getting shivers has something to do with the emotional sphere of my being, it seems that every time I would be seeing those weird pimples on my skin I got totally electrified.

That must be THE moment when looking bliss into its eyes. It seems that getting shivers is the Universe telling me that whatever I was doing was the right thing, that I’m on the right track. It seems that the Universe is putting some sort of diamond like sparkle onto my senses so I would experience the treasure called life.

It doesn’t happen everyday of course, I guess my human nature would then soon loose the value of it. Yet whenever the shivers appear, I just know there is more to life than the obvious.

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  1. Thanks for taking me away from trying to understand how the universe was created,how can something come from nothing? If ‘God’ created the universe what created God,you get tied up in mental knots.

    So why do I get these shivers occasionally.I get them when I am sharing with somebody about something that really excites me.It is like a divine validation that what I am saying is true.I can get it when the temperature is 32C so as you say it is not because you are cold.

    I agree with you that it is a signal that you are on the right track,it is like God looking down and saying ‘that one down there is really rocking ,so I will just give them a bit of encouragement’Don’t ask me how he does it.

    Now here is a cosmology joke.A Higgs Boson particle walks into a church and the minister shouts ‘no Higgs Bosons are allowed in here’ The Higgs Boson says ‘How can you have mass without me?’

    Now back to Cosmology…Oh Sod it I’m going to bed.

    1. Ah David, thanks so much for your thoughts!!!! 🙂 It always gets me excited when I see that people are actually noticing my ramblings (even though I try to find a way how to disable the email notifications, for people to visit my blog), have to keep looking on Google though. About the whats-behind-god question, not sure i have the answer. I’m just now trying to understand the different time dimension saturn vs. chiron, so the saturnian time which is linear and the time of chiros which is not. Maybe once I’ve got that sorted we can pick up our debate again. Warm regards!

    2. Well there is no such thing as time as you have probably learned.Our life is made up of millions of present moments,a continuous procession of now.So what type of time is Chiron? I will study Chiron because I feel it will reveal some great truth to me.I am not going to leave this planet until I get to the bottom of this! I find your blogs very inspiring and thought provoking.I watched a great TV programme about the beginning of the universe.It all started with the Big Bang and the universe has been expanding ever since and we can still detect microwave radiation coming back to Earth from the Big Bang millions of years ago! The next programme looks at the end of the universe.

      Going back to the goose bumps,Tom Wolfe,in his book ‘The electric Kool aid acid test’,which is about the USA acid culture in the sixties,describes hearing Ken Kesey speak to his followers and telling them he just got out of jail and the FBI were chasing him,one time, and he saw a kid fall out of a window and he wanted to stop and tell people not to move him but he was running and this is what the ‘cops and robbers game’ does to you.and Wolfe realised that all his followers were thinking the same thing,he realised he was witnessing the group mind and mystic brotherhood and he hears a noise like steam rising and hissing but the noise is in his own head and he called it the ‘mysto steam’.He hears this noise when anything is too weird or far out for him to comprehend and now I have the shivers again! It is a good book but has been described as a ‘wreckers bible’.The style of the book is amazing and I actually got high reading it,well maybe with a bit of help!

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