Hitting the Reset Button



It’s another Monday morning. There’s this constant buzz in my ear right now, the alarm of a car standing in front of my window went off and at the same time, my flatmate’s alarm clock keeps ringing. It’s odd, it’s a different kind of Monday morning. These are the after effects of hitting the reset button.


The man with the hammer is back.

What does that fine boundary line looks like when people treat you with disrespect?
What is your worth? Grow up. Who belongs to your life and who it’s better to let go of?


It can be the hardest to finally let go, especially in this wired life. I used to think that blocking someone from social media was childish but now I appreciate it to the fullest. It's also strange how quick and easy it is to cut someone out.


I'd like to say that I wasn't asking for much, simply an honest connection. I wonder if your father had an affair with another woman when you were a little boy. Instead of committing to someone, you decided to play it safe. To keep me at a distance, and that's a perfectly fine. It's your decision. 


Nice walking with you for a little while.


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  1. It is so very easy to cut somebody off on social media – I very much agree. However, I do think it can be hard to cut somebody out of your thoughts. I have people who were in my life for a very brief amount of time sometimes pop back into my mind – it’s kind of jarring but I’m used to it now. I hope you’re well, Finja xx

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