In Between the Lovely Dog

2016 is coming to an end and the current Mercury retrograde brings up some notes from way back in 2014. Many thoughts seem to sit either on the left or on the right. But what about that place called in between?

Das Herz spüren, pochend vor Liebe, solch ein Beben. Scheinbar ohne Grund.

Be the dog with the ball.

Ich kann jeden Herzschlag fühlen, bin rundum glücklich.

The dog who is happy only to be.

Dieses Herzgefühl erinnert mich an gestern Abend, als ich diesen berühmten Before Sunset Film guckte. 

He doesn't need to go somewhere.

Und dieses Herzgefühl hab ich grade auch. Einfach so während ich hier in der Bahn sitze.

 He doesn't need to be better than he is.


He just is and he smiles, as he sends the sparks to what's around him.

Für mehr solcher Momente in 2017.

Find the beautiful dog in you.

Yours truly,

Watch my favourite scene from Before Sunset here. That apartment!

Question: Where do you sit in between?


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  1. What a beautiful poem (and dog). Your poem summarises the new year’s resolution that is most important to me – to fully live in the moment. That sounds cheesy but I’m that person who always plans everything ahead and who has one foot in the present and the other in the future. I’d really like to change that and be as happy as that dog, in that very moment. I haven’t watched the movie you mentioned – what is it about? xx

  2. This put a smile on my face! Inspiring 🙂 I’ll try to be more of a dog this year! Although, I will still keep up with my inner cat, hah x

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