Where do we want the Internet to be going? The Internet tomorrow.

Have you ever thought about where you would like to see the Internet tomorrow? What traits will the Internet tomorrow have? I find myself often in the trott of just following along, being a user of the Internet but every now and then I realise that each single one of us holds the power to contribute to the Internet tomorrow. Where do we want the Internet to be going?

Exploring the London digital space, I come across many interesting companies. From PR to digital communication and social consumer engagement. I believe that only if we all realise that each individual is contributing their unique value, then we may be able to understand how the Internet tomorrow will look like. It is worth listening to every consumer as a friend to understand them, if the web designer listens to the sales person. One triggers something in someone else, inspires others.


Maybe the Internet tomorrow will be able to truly integrate the Social voice of customers in a given market and automatically come up with product ideas, maybe the need and fulfilling of the need process might be more optimised. But the road seems to be long and needs to bypass the structures of a governmental body which likes processes which seem to be unbreakable. The challenge is to convince and trust each other through dialogue, understanding what different generations have to say.

Personally I take my own little actions in steering the Internet. I want to see the Internet tomorrow to provide the opportunity for everyone to contribute their own voice, their value. So how do I vision this? Likely Social networks will play an important role but personally the most amount of voice can only be given if an individual is able to express themselves in a way which comes close to who they are. Every single Social network immediately boxes people in through the way a network is designed. Maybe the Internet tomorrow will see many types of websites (virtual spaces) where people give insights into how they see the world, what they find important.

I believe in the Internet to open up whole new experiences in a fast paced world of various devices and as seen in the BBC, the possibilities are diverse.

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