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One of my favorite summer activities is reading a magazine in one of the numerous London parks, listening to music. The magazine in the photograph is Manuskripte.at.



Current Situation




Flying like a cannonball, falling to the earth
Heavy as a feather when you hit the dirt
How am I the lucky one? I do not deserve
To wait around forever when you were there first
First you get hurt, then you feel sorry.


All alone in the flame of doubt
Are we going to lose it all?
All alone in the danger zone
Are you ready to take my hand?
All alone in the flame of doubt
Are we going to lose it all?


Been looking for the answer.
Ever since we were seventeen.
You know the truth can be a weapon.
To fight this world of ill intentions. 
A new answer to the same question.
How many times will you learn the same lesson?


And I know you don't owe me your love
And I know that you don't owe me anything at all
Ain't no way I'm giving up on you.
Don't leave me here in the dark when it's hard to see
Show me your heart, shed a light on me
If you love me, say so, If you love me, say so.






Stumbled upon a Yoga day at Ally Pally. Here are a couple of interesting links:









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  1. Some amazing collection of songs you have! And yes, listening the songs, reading a magazine, the perfect combination of relaxation!

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