Life Path? Sometimes all you see is the Nebulous Horizon.

Life path, what a word. Just like the lights are creating lines, I’m wondering what sort of lights and line are found in life. In other terms, what constitutes a proper life path?

It seems that our life isΒ shaped in such mystical patterns. Depending on one’s belief system, one would come up with different approaches on a life path maybe. Interestingly how several religions and philosophical schools have the 12 different zodiac signs as a pilar, presenting an energetic playing field all around us.

life path

The basic line which tangles through my life is all about service, being of service to humanity to inspire. My hearts races when I discover something (portrayed by the light bulbs in the picture) which expands my horizon and I just love to share this on a personal level.

Did you ever wonder how it would be to feel another person’s consciousness for a day, follow their life path for 2 kilometres or so? Until now, technology has come a long way. The internet allows us to have access to a lot of thoughts people have had. Can’t we not come even closer to our mutual understanding? Snapchat is opening up whole new possibilities here!

At least this is where I see the Internet going, a friendly Social place where we show each other all the beauty of life. A mechanism we can attach ourselves to when we vibrate on lower emotional frequency.

I have many things figured out which could mean I see and accept a line where there is one. But as I grow older it seems like I’m uncovering what my life really is about.

Unfortunately this includes the occasional heartbreak when I get too attached. I need to set certain boundaries towards people and honour the balance of things. You can’t just pour your heart out to someone who doesn’t respect you.

Enough for now, the evening sun in Finsbury Park is demanding my attention. It is gorgeous here. Who would have thought summer in London can be so magical!!

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  1. I love Finsbury Park on a summer day.If you follow the Capital Ring walk signs from the park entrance near the station you can walk down through the park to the New River path and on down to the lovely Clissold Park and then to Stoke Newington.You just keep following the signs,the walk actually is a 78 mile circular walk around London,all signposted! There are many stop off points which link to public transport.It is all on the Internet.Going in the other direction on the walk,from Finsbury Park you can do the Parkland walk which is a bit spooky and goes through the abandoned Crouch Hill station.By the way the New River is neither new or a river and is actually a man made water course.


    1. Hey David! Thanks so much for your words and reaction, really means a lot to me! Actually, I live right next to the new river path (Hornsey) but wasn’t aware that it’s stretching so long through the city. I explored it a bit but unfortunately you cannot walk along the river (man-made river) all the way. Will need to google it, but thanks so much for the advice!! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for following my blog, I will be following yours. The photos and stories are exciting, and through them I can go places I never would be able to. Thanks and keep it up.

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