On Thursday, the 16th of March 2017, just before five in the morning, I woke up from a dream. Rather untypical, I’m a deep sleeper and don’t even remember the last time when it had happened. I was shocked and terrified by my dream because I had seen something quite horrible happening to London.

I noted the dream down in my journal. You know how dreams are, not really of this world. I remember being in an apartment on the outskirts of London, my sister and I were outside on a balcony. The people below our flat had fireworks going on, some sort of celebrations I initially thought. They were the only ones thought. Eventually, a guy was getting ready to light up a big rocket.

I watched the rocket hissing off, going horizontally for some strange reason. I was strange as the rocket was travelling on and on, finding its way into central London, some part of the western bit of the city. It looked like Hyde Park but it wasn’t too clear. That’s when that horrible feeling set in, I knew something quite horrible was about to happen. In the next moment, there was an explosion, so many people injured or dead. And I had seen the man with the lighter.

On the weekend I mentioned my dream to a friend, somehow it was still in my bones, what else can you do. I thought it would just be a very strange dream and with the beginning of the next week almost forgotten.

Then, on Wednesday the 22nd – six days after my dream – my colleague told me about this weird incident in Westminster. It’s funny how the various little bits of a tragedy find their way into your system, I remember it all too well. Initially, I didn’t think much about it but went home a bit earlier than usual, to avoid crowded trains.

Step by step, with the help of the media, I was able to learn about the full extent of what had happened. There was a real terrorist attack which had happened.... I came across a video of the car racing over the bridge. I saw a person falling off the bridge, a person lying under a bus and pure terror. Four pedestrians got killed, 50 injured. It was out of a horror movie but this was real life.  



It could have been you or me walking there. In fact, I was walking there on the Saturday before the event. I was even taking one of the exits which I had never taken before and which I now recognise from one of the police photos, a man was lying on the ground injured.

I’m horrified by people retweeting photos of the injured or the affected. I’m horrified to read further details in the Guardian on the weekend. I’m horrified by the rumours and by the blaming.