The Magic of Celestial White Noise

I'm standing in the office kitchenette, can't focus. It's 11 am and I already went to the toilet three times, getting up, lacking focus. I peel an apple, what else can you do. A guy from the other office stops by, we chat.

He suggests listening to some celestial white noise.

What's that?  

It reminds me of how once went to a concert of Stars of the Lid.  Sitting there, continuous journey. For hours, on and on, into space. Traveling with one continuous sound, only by hearing.

I start off feeling as if I would sit in an airplane, listening to the sound. Eyes closed, I'm not traveling horizontally but vertically, out into space. The continuous sound makes it really easy. 20 minutes into listening, I feel as if I've left the world behind, I may, in fact, be 7 light years away from earth, have past a couple of nebulas, because why not.

Cosmic noise is experienced at frequencies above about 15 MHz when highly directional antennas are pointed toward the sun or to certain other regions of the sky such as the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Celestial super dense objects far from Earth, emit electromagnetic waves in its full spectrum including radio waves.

We can hear the fall of a meteorite in a radio receiver! The falling object burns from friction with the Earth's atmosphere, producing radio waves. Waves from outer space, what gorgeous cosmic noise. A relic of the Big Bang which pervades the space almost homogeneously over the entire celestial sphere. We may not be traveling physically into space right now, but somehow we still can by the means of the sound.

Eventually, I gotta get ready for a call. I take off the headphones and feel strange. Wow, my space travel just came to an end. 

It's that feeling when you run very fast and then stop or you spin around in circles and stop. Your body needs to adjust first. Crazy, will try again in the afternoon.

Ready to dive into space?


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  1. i love anything space related. the universe always fascinates me in certain ways i cannot explain. i think it’s because you will never know what you’re going to find up there, the same way you will never know what’s lurking under the sea. i also love the bits of information regarding cosmic space that you wrote there; very brief yet informative. i never actually listened to white noises and really dwell deep into them but i will admit that listening to cosmic white noise gives you that adventurous vibe. static noises annoy and bug me but white noise, now that’s something different.

    1. aww elisa thank you soo so much for your feedback, it’s such a delight that people are actually reading my ramblings. happy vday!

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