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Mars in Libra, you are driving me crazy.


What are you the weakest and strongest at?
When was the last time you got mad and why? 


mars in libra mars in aries

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech


Listen, I'm not going to stand here and act like I like you because I don't. Sure, you may not like it if I stand here and burst into flames but that's just the way I am. Deal with it. You, on the other hand, won't do anything about it! Arrrrrrr. Sure, go ahead and call me arrogant or stubborn, maybe even insensitive or unnecessarily confrontational. But you know what? At least I have gotten my head around it and know what a proper battle is. Spice it all up with a little hostility, hell yeah.


And then you, dear Mars in Libra, come along and say:
"Why are you so angry, you’re killing my vibe. I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now. Oh, you’re right."
And then you abruptly change the subject. Are you f* kidding me?


Ha! You think I'm selfish and unjust. How dare you! You get angry when people are fighting but you don't participate. Who taught you that? Am I driving you mad when I rush to my decision? I hope so. Dear Mars in Libra, just go. Go and have fun with those people, buy all the lovely clothes in the world. Pretend the world is a shiny fairytale castle made of shiny leather seats. Maybe your world consists of beautiful neighborhoods, where everyone's house is perfect with tidy lawns. But can't you see your codependence on others? Do you really think it's fair to feed off the energy of other people? Ok, I get it, you get excited when there's someone to play off, be inspired by, react to, refine your views with. You see the “other” as something much more abstract and larger than life.....


However, I'm fed up with your inability to assert your own needs! ON YOUR OWN. Don't be so madly irritated because in your world I'm the selfish and unjust one. Yes, I struggle to accept that you can't live up to my intense passionate site. Maybe you want passion but - oh please not those emotions and demonstration? Well, sorry. I'm the whole package. It's just the mirror of what you see on the deep inside. Can't you see? See, we're all born a certain way, and can't you see a pattern here? Are there argumentations and fights in your relations? Twinkle, twinkle, I wonder why that is. It's a joke how they call you fair and charming in your problem-solving abilities. All I see is you being lazy and indecisive. No, you're superficial and self-serving. No, I'm not calming my boobs. I am not because I well deserve my warrior title and no, I'm not always civil. Stop tossing around all these possible options for responding. Why are you so passive? Freaking act on your ideas and stop defending yourself. Don't act all innocent when you get challenged. Can you be openly upset once in a while? I can't stand how you sneak about or rely on deceit in order to make your point. 


Yes, I am angry. Can we please have a proper fight or are you on your way to a fashionably stylish party with your flirty pants on? Your silence is ridiculous. You're boring and shallow. Where's your flame and passion? Why are we not exploding together? What did they do to you, just look at this charm! Face it heads on and don't beat too much around the bush. Life's too short for your passive aggressiveness.  Can't you see that you're provoking others in order to get your desired response? It's manipulative behavior to its core. So, yeah, dear Mars in Libra, I hope you got turned off by my rude and bullying behavior. I'm a fighter and you're a diplomat. What do we do with that?


As my dear friend Miss Duras says, “You have to be very fond. Very, very fond of the Mars in Libras. You have to be very fond of them to love them. Otherwise, they’re simply unbearable.” Those bloody gifted sugarcoaters. But now it's my turn balancing things out. If you can't meet my passion, you know what? Something is out of balance here, so it feels kind of over, and therefore being with someone else is justified. Right? Right? Just don't be so overly compromising. Right? Can we not talk? Is there no action? Wind and fire make for a wicked scorch. I get that.


Sincerely yours,
Mars in Aries




PS: I'll leave this as a little story-telling mystery. Oh, all those actors in the world....
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