Mastering Photography. What is Essential?

With Instagram on the rise, it seems that the entire world seems to be on the race of becoming a photographer these days. Quite interestingly I recently heard that employers found their staff watching the free photography tutorials on their online learning platform rather than the videos more relevant for their office jobs. Let me explain what I found most essential on my personal journey towards mastering photography.

At the beginning of my photography journey, I was using the camera to capture one of the countless moment which would soon drift away. Soon I realised that some of my pictures were displaying the same things: A meal, a horizon or what not – all just things which got me excited, so that my emotional latter seemed raise a bit higher. However, looking back at some of these pictures I realised that some of the beauty I tried to capture seemed more special in the moment than later on. Take the example of food for instance, when you’re hungry, food is obviously looking at you with very special eyes.


So I challenged myself to look closer, to figure out which moments could stand on their own in different time in the future. It felt like a motivational factor kicked in which told me: “Go. Go out there and explore!” So I did, I travelled and travelled. I never stood still and soon it became clear to me that good photography in my own definition boils around the different experiences you live through. In the end a photograph is nothing more than a moment in time though your own eyes. What more can you go than to see a lot?

To sum it up, mastering photography in my eyes comes down to travel and experiencing a variety of things. And with all things in life, I believe it is important to stay humble with it as well, so that not only you yourself travel around the world and experience things but more importantly so that you can allow your photography to follow this same path as way, to evolved over time.

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