Meditating Feeling Eternity? Or waste of Time?

The present moment. We are beings sitting places recording time in our mobile devices pursuing trivial conveniences using technology. If you pause for a second, to be aware of your thoughts. Can you realise it to your consciousness or to ask in a different way through meditation, can we then feel eternity? Or is meditating a waste of time?

I'm not entirely sure when I first heard the term "meditation" but I remember how I thought about it as coffee or beer, something the older generation would speak about but I had no idea what they mean. Or more so, I would sense that there would be some sort of coolness or value found in it but when I first hear it, I could only wonder how that value would look like.

When I was around 27 and life showed itself to truly be a rough road at times, I needed some sort of tool which would slow me down, so I checked out the London Buddhist Centre and went for weekly meditation classes. We would sit on cushions and I learned that it was not mandatory to sit in the Indian style putting your legs into weird postures. After the first 40 minutes or so of the practice, I realised the tremendous relaxing effect it would have to not think, at least try to not think but instead to just focus on the breating.

After a couple of session, I reached a stage where I thought to sort of understand what the older people were saying about meditation, yet another sense kicked in. A sense that meditation may in fact be some sort of eternity, the sort of eternity which can only be found in the present moment. You must have realised that the word present moment spells out as P R E S E N T  moment?

Now I try to make it a habit to meditate when I wake up and go to sleep, I use an app called Insight Timer which works in a sort of Social way meaning that people from all over the world can record guided meditation. The user can then decide about the length of one's meditation or theme. So, yes meditating means feeling eternity!

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