My Love for South London. Like a River it Flows.

London is huge and has so many corners! Whereas I remember living in the countryside in Germany you got worried because you didn’t know what to do, in London you may get worried because you may want to do it all. My love for South London always remains, regardless of all the worries going on. Let me explain why.

To start of with, I love South London because it doesn’t pretend to be anything, it just is. Whereas if you walk down the street in Kensington you may get the feeling that people try to “be something” aka rich or fancy or upper class. If you walk around Brixton or Peckham (head to Frank’s Cafe!), you soon realise that the culture is just thrown at you. People of various ethnic backgrounds don’t pretend to be “oh so rich and famous”, they purely live and buy their chicken at the local markets.

my love for south london

If you head towards the river, you will realise that it becomes more and more fancy. What a surprise! I’ve heard locals saying that it is not what it used to be but clearly this is twofold: It is not as dodgy as it used to but it also lost a bit of its charm, particularly with regards to Borough Market where you may now find a more delicate version of fruits and vegetables and not so much run your weekly errands. I love it because my own eyes have never observed the old Borough Market.

If you are would like to see the real version of love in South London, be sure to check out the annual Festival of Love which is held by the Southwark Centre. The cultural centre has a variety of different programs all year around.

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