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Hello dear readers,

It's Sunday and I better get any sort of post out. That might be a common feeling among us blogger, isn't it? 

There has been quite a bit of traveling going on - mostly for work. It wouldn't be right to say that I blog only for the fun of it, no. Blogging is not a job, at least not in my eyes. It's something else. Some may it's making plastic of memories, places, images and time. Maybe. I think it is a wonderful way to connect with others on a much deeper level. If you do it right & no, this is not a 7 steps to nail it in the blogging world, because - guess what - there is no secret recipe. Except from: Do you, everyone else is already taken.


One of the highlights is always to meet up with the person behind a blog. Recently in Shoreditch, two ladies with hearts similar to the hearts-eye-emoji were starring at gigantic pizza and (way too expensive) drinks. It was time for a chat with the fabulous Han from HelloArden. 

I think there is something like 10 years age difference (not to mention our difference in height - twinkle, twinkle!), yet my heart was so touched when we burst out in laughter about the introvert jokes, finding out we truly carry the sort of site within us. I went through the old comments and found she was with me from the very start. I've always loved her content for the fact that it is in no way commercialized. If we are honest with ourselves, a lot of blogs are promoting in one way or the other. But for Han blogging seems to still be about words and thoughts and sharing them. There is so much sparkle in her post, quite similar to that sparkle you find in the offline publishing world. 

I realized that one of the big merits of blogging is knowledge sharing across our age groups and I think that's so incredibly beautiful. I remember how someone once said that a lot of the inequality in cities, for example, comes from the fact that people of different social classes or age groups don't talk to each other. So I truly appreciate blogging for the fact that we seem to have found a way to listen to each other's stories. As recently seen in AEON, the truth is not born nor is it to be found inside the head of an individual person, it is born between people collectively searching for truth, in the process of their dialogic interaction. And how fantastic it is that we found a way of making each other listen.

What I also realized by going through these old comments, so many bloggers have stopped writing.  I thought, well - I can't blame you, blogging requires a lot of determination and yes, work. So, can only recommend you do that if you want to stand face to face with your blogging accomplishment. You will see quite the rewarding feeling pop up. Yay, I 'm still doing and loving it still!

#Hidden vs. Out There

Aquarius and Scorpio, the 11th and the 8th house. The one loves all humanity, is open and friendly. The other wants to lock the door, turn off the light and get to bed with you in order to learn about darkest secrets. At least in terms of archetypal energy. How can you find the balance between your public and hidden self? Writing on the Internet, there's a whole lot of oneself out there. I'd say an essential part of a blogger's motivation lies in the love for humanity. But if you are anything like me, you are constantly battling a part of yourself which is extremely hidden.

A lot of times it feels like I'm sitting in a bubble, I would love to talk and speak about my world from this sincere and honest place, but I'm not able to find the voice. And I'm not even sure that I ever let anyone see that site. I'm learning, that's for sure. Blogging definitely helps to find more trust in others and the blog posts I enjoy reading most are the ones which are open and carry this soft tone. I wouldn't describe them as mysterious. Well, maybe some of them. Knowing what to expect versus wondering what lies in the shadow, a constant trade-off. From the self outwards and from the outside in. 


I used to be terrified when random strangers would see what sort of music I would be listening to. I thought, well and still think, that you can tell a lot about a person from their playlist. That ties in nicely to the private vs. public self argument above, huh? But take it as an illustrative gesture, reading blogs is like going on a train. You pass various different stations and it is up to you to chose what you want to learn more about. It's like grabbing the apple, what sort of content does your soul crave? I feel that if you read in such a way that you let the right words sink into you, you are letting the sparkle in. It's like a gift in a sense. 

So here's both my gift and gesture - my End of Summer SEVENTEEN playlist.

It's the sum of countless commuting hours, standing on the Tube getting squashed. Or when I was sitting on the plane getting ready for take-off when I was paying special attention to the sentence or song playing at the exact moment when the plane takes off. I firmly believe that might be a very important message from the universe. And blogging itself seems to live off from these in-between moments, these random thoughts which seem like a soft whisper but when you take the time to note them down, you'll see that something bigger can come out. It's a way of getting to know your self more.

PS. But for those who do not know, I'm a so-called Customer Success Manager for a prescriptive analytics provider in the daytime. I'm German, so I'm working with German customer and commute back to my homeland occasionally. The photographs in this post are the outcome of my work & travel mission from the last two weeks. Nothing fancy but I'm bad with storing memories on the hard drive, so here's to some peace and quiet for eternity. And before the Aussies among us ask, yes, you can also go on a work and travel adventure on the European continent.


Where do you see the trade-off between the public self and the private self?
AND: Why are we blogging? Where do you see the blogging sphere in the future?

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  1. Hallo, Finja!
    This post was great! I love how you’ve shared your playlist, next time I’m on Spotify I’m going to hunt you out so I can follow you and your playlists! I love love love your blogging advice of “just do you” – it’s perfect, and a timely reminder of what I needed to hear!
    Kate x

  2. You have been super busy! I tend to stick to a posting schedule so I understand the feeling of having to get a post out quite well. Meeting up with bloggers in person isn’t something I do often though since I live in a city which isn’t populated with them.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  3. I haven’t considered the public/private trade off, it’s simply not an issue with me today. I blog as a creative outlet, that became imperative to a degree, and WordPress was there.

  4. I think that a lot of old bloggers miss this sense of blogging, the genuine, here to share and make friends kind. (did that make sense?). I agree, there is a certain love, hope, for humanity that I couldn’t really explain. No matter how many times I try to give it up, it crawls back.
    Some of my friends know I blog, whenever they ask me for the link, I never give it to them. I live in the constant thrill and anxiety that maybe one day they’d stumble upon my little space.
    I think I blog because it assures me that my life has a purpose, that I actually did something, that I am actually capable of voicing my own opinions. In addition to the fact that I love sharing stories, my works.
    Honestly, I’m scared that in the following years, the number of personal bloggers will become lesser and lesser, and that the number of “Bloggers” that does this for a job will continue to grow. I have nothing against them but I don’t know, it just feels like the common house I grew up in is getting turned into a corporate empire.

  5. Ahh! My heart jumped when I saw you write about our awesome pizza date 😉 It was such a pleasure meeting you irl — and it’s safe to say you’re just as inspiring in real life as on the screen. Thanks for your sweet words, honestly.

    I’m glad you’re blogging, it’s a great way of expression and sharing your thoughts when you don’t know where to channel it all into! Loved this post x

  6. Love the summer playlist! I can’t believe fall is already here. I have been traveling a lot for work as well and I find it so hard to blog, mainly because I don’t have as many props and a friend to take my photos. Also, that last picture in your blog post totally reminds me of The Girl on the Train! Such a cool picture!

  7. I thought I was the only one who cared if people saw what music I happened to be listening to. 🙂 I think most of the time I wouldn’t care, but there’s always those 1 or 2 songs that you love, but are embarrassed to let other people know that you love. Anyone sitting next to me on an airplane and watching what I was listening to would probably wonder about my sanity, because I always have to be listening to one particular song when the airplane takes off…if it takes longer than normal to take off, then I have to keep repeating the song over and over again until we take off. Now that I write that out, maybe *I* should be worried about my sanity.

    Will be listening to your playlist this evening as I know almost none of these songs. I love finding new music.

  8. I know what you mean about the feeling the lack of old blogging. I try to vary my posts, between personal posts that feel like “old” blogging (or at least what I associate with old-school blogging) alongside posts that hold information about London, or places I’ve been and so on. I aim for a mix of personal and useful I suppose. It can be hard to feel like that’s a balance I’m achieving though!

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