On Money & Value Creation in the Digital Age

I love creating content and spend time creating value for the digital space. First and foremost, the reward of people reading what I have to say cannot be described with words. It feels amazing to trigger some sort of reaction in my audience,  a thumbs up or just a comment.

Thing is, I know we all have such a limited focus span and it's usually not the best user experience to fill out the form. Responding in general, takes a little bit of an effort. It means you have actually read and respected another person's creation. Let's face it - time is money and money itself is nothing else than a medium of exchange. It's a system put in place by governments to keep the world "balanced".

Spending time investing in a blog takes up so much time but I just love doing it. Growing up, you realise the necessity for money to exchange goods and services. It would be slightly stupid if we do not focus on the monetary aspect at all. Money meets all these requirements better than anything else that's been used to exchange.


No denial, I have to admit that I have been sort of anti the system. Why do we need to sit behind desks all day long? I've searched for the guilty one and thought to have found them in the multinational corporations. Those organization who would conduct child labor in Bangladesh and who would avoid taxes big time. 

But I'm loosening up and frankly, those big corporations are not as bad as I liked to think. I've had fantastic lunches in several business canteens and think it is a wonderful thing how people find employment and security within these big players. It provides them with stability and a secure income which is a good thing. 

What about advertisement?

Whenever commercials where on TV, I've left the couch to get some drinks, snacks or just go to the loo. Yes, I hated how advertisement (especially at the end of GZSZ) would seemingly ruin the storyline. Isn't it also a great feeling to anticipate how the story continues? However, when I heard the first advertisement on Soundcloud I was shocked, thinking now my happy place would be ending. That's how I recognised my love-hate relationship with marketing communication.

I have to remind myself, we are in a system where money plays an important role and where corporation play a vital role within the system. I guess my naivety wakes up. Without money, I wouldn't be able to go backpacking, go on the London Eye or eat in cute little restaurants. I wouldn't be living in my home.  

That's why set the following intention for the new year:

  1. Recognise my own spending pattern
  2. Get in touch with amazing brands, asking to write a feature for this blog and other social channels
  3. Always with the vision: I genuily like what you do

Let's see where it goes. Just this morning I had an email in my inbox around this cool event by Reasons:London for designer, developer, coder, manager, game developer, artist and animator. Normally my first reaction would be "Ah, just another spam email" but I stopped, reminded myself it just another great business with probably incredible talented people.

Your truly, 

Question: How is your stand towards advertisement and marketing communication? Any tips on how to start partnerships for the blog? Do you know anyone who would like to be featured on this blog? 

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  1. Hi Finja,

    Really neat post.

    I see money as love. If I show love/spread the love by following my fun and treating all folks with love, love is reflected back to me in various forms. Loving people, money, profitable ideas, traffic, all sweetness. So I have no issues with other folks monetizing either, save cases when a fear/scarcity mindset drives bloggers to monetize. Even then, I’ve no real issues with them; I just feel their fear and choose not to partner with them.


    1. HI Ryan,
      Many thanks for your detailed answer and these wonderful words. I can see where you are coming from, really appreciate your perspective! Plus, your website looks amazing, like the animation with the water.
      May 2017 bring lots of happiness! 🙂
      xx finja

  2. Money is, sadly, the one thing that keeps our life in tact. It helps us to travel and to do the things that we really want to do. It’s just how it is. I love the goals/visions you set for yourself. I hope everything will work out wonderfully for you! Take care. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Thanks Alissa, I’m following you on there now as well. Hope you had a nice Christmas and thanks so much for your supporting words. That sounds so cool how it worked out for you. Will def. ponder about that! 🙂

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